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A way to stop the spread of C19?3818 Oct '21 14:43sonhousesonhouse
unvaccinated people think vax kills.8218 Oct '21 14:41sonhousesonhouse
Schizophrenia and Marijuana5717 Oct '21 01:31EladarMetal Brain
Some light fun with a heavy subject816 Oct '21 15:46bunnyknightsonhouse
Lungs remember covid715 Oct '21 18:10sonhouseContenchess
QLAN entangled214 Oct '21 02:41ogbsonhouse
quantum dance204 Oct '21 17:13ogbsonhouse
DNA found in 75 million year old dinosaur726 Sep '21 15:23sonhouseMetal Brain
nano-scale overheating226 Sep '21 05:14ogbsonhouse
nice video about Oil-Water biphasic systems116 Sep '21 10:52PonderablePonderable
strangelets3010 Sep '21 23:05ogbsonhouse
artificial brains now possible210 Sep '21 14:29ogbsonhouse
200,000 gauss magnet now reality.109 Sep '21 05:58sonhousesonhouse
red meat and colon cancer1803 Sep '21 20:32PonderableEladar
Implantable AI detects illness120 Aug '21 16:17sonhousesonhouse
converting light to Terahertz radiation:319 Aug '21 10:41sonhousesonhouse
IARC monographs219 Aug '21 10:23Kewpiesonhouse
Water towers917 Aug '21 20:00shavixmirAThousandYoung
Coating ground with basalt, absorbs CO21215 Aug '21 23:08sonhousesonhouse
'Frameshifting' as cancer defense:1115 Aug '21 22:50sonhousesonhouse
Sea level rise not alarming2611 Aug '21 02:42Metal Brainbunnyknight
History of the Virus4304 Aug '21 16:14Eladarsonhouse
Kicking young people off the beach1204 Aug '21 10:17Eladarkevcvs57
Grains5101 Aug '21 05:05Eladarbunnyknight
COVID and the brain1131 Jul '21 18:59wildgrasssonhouse
Natural Immunity better than Vaccine?1331 Jul '21 18:36Eladarsonhouse
Mouthwash Covid Test130 Jul '21 17:49EladarEladar
The efforts of science1030 Jul '21 16:15yo its mesonhouse
Covid Deaths by Age Group1730 Jul '21 16:10Eladarsonhouse
vibrating shoes for the blind:130 Jul '21 16:05sonhousesonhouse

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