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A bag of bricks or a bag of feathers?1825 Oct '22 01:11vivifyvivify
Faster than light communication1723 Oct '22 06:04Metal BrainMetal Brain
Double spooky entanglement:122 Oct '22 22:53sonhousesonhouse
science & weather4122 Oct '22 22:44mlb62sonhouse
Good news on the Li-battery topic208 Oct '22 04:26Ponderablesonhouse
floating crystals403 Oct '22 06:19mlb62sonhouse
Wild image of a galaxy by Webb.303 Oct '22 05:02sonhousesonhouse
Quantum computing: another step forward603 Oct '22 05:01Ponderablesonhouse
Exoplanet News10230 Sep '22 07:51Liljosonhouse
Do you fellers ever toy with 'Flat Earth' discu...3628 Sep '22 12:51AverageJoe1sonhouse
how big is universe ?9723 Sep '22 00:46mlb62Metal Brain
Your death for exploration?1017 Sep '22 10:46ccpatzerkevcvs57
Hawking's temperature equation11012 Sep '22 07:43Metal BrainMetal Brain
Thought experiment2611 Sep '22 09:16KellyJaymoonbus
Pristine Jurassic era fossils found in a farm:709 Sep '22 06:43sonhousesonhouse
first ever image of entire exo-planet204 Sep '22 22:34mlb62sonhouse
New very sensitive Thz wave detector:104 Sep '22 13:17sonhousesonhouse
webb telescope finds aliens530 Aug '22 03:39mlb62sonhouse
The Webb Telescope29930 Aug '22 03:38jimm619sonhouse
Who crashed on the moon?3525 Aug '22 17:23Metal BrainShallow Blue
Shall we squush and wipe out the cute Lanternfl...224 Aug '22 18:29AverageJoe1Lusername
My sperm is a part of my mates1515 Aug '22 17:04Metal Brainsonhouse
Big temp changes=big extinctions3714 Aug '22 16:38sonhousesonhouse
Why don't stars change position?6914 Aug '22 16:34vivifysonhouse
New Webb photo, new details:4314 Aug '22 16:24sonhousesonhouse
Reducing nitrogen fertilizer dependence212 Aug '22 04:23Metal BrainMetal Brain
Zenneck waves5611 Aug '22 05:19Metal Brainsonhouse
Did Earth's tilted axis change?2410 Aug '22 20:40Metal Brainsonhouse
Censorship is a threat to science8710 Aug '22 01:01Metal BrainMetal Brain
Motion in curved space defying physics:108 Aug '22 18:33sonhousesonhouse

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