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Probability question412 Dec '23 11:33vendavenda
Redactle127 Oct '23 04:36KewpieKewpie
A list of puzzle games926 Oct '23 21:04KewpieGeorgeC63
A little geometry/trig1204 Jul '23 05:32sonhousesonhouse
Palindromes, year, month and day, how many?228 Mar '23 15:26sonhousePonderable
Sumplete527 Mar '23 11:17KewpiePonderable
Logic puzzles603 Mar '23 17:22moonbusJJ Adams
word games224 Feb '23 09:48yo its mevenda
newspaper puzzle part 2413 Feb '23 00:09vendaorangutan
Punctuation puzzles915 Dec '22 15:42Pianoman1Pianoman1
Newspaper puzzle12422 Nov '22 19:48vendavenda
Stumped724 Aug '22 16:09C J HorseBigDogg
Words and Mathimatical puzzles2105 May '22 10:11mwmillerKewpie
Shortest "Absurdle"414 Mar '22 19:37BigDoggvivify
How many passengers?610 Mar '22 20:46BigDoggdivegeester
No repeat digits1122 Feb '22 10:48BigDoggvenda
Not a huge problem, accel:715 Feb '22 07:24sonhousesonhouse
stalemate527 Jan '22 20:12Ponderablegreenpawn34
All of you mathematical wizards-2015 Jan '22 15:35vendaPaladin I
Another Magic of Logic1320 Oct '21 17:35BigDoggBigDogg
I hope this isn't too easy712 Aug '21 00:59Gambrelsonhouse
A Helical Hassle!510 May '21 18:23RemovedRemoved
Walking The Plank808 May '21 01:26RemovedRemoved
A Sheep Amidst the Wolves307 May '21 11:20RemovedRemoved
no title305 May '21 12:59RemovedRemoved
Rushing to Get Home.904 May '21 23:11RemovedRemoved
A Tail of Two Coins604 May '21 23:06RemovedRemoved
Weight 4 The Roll604 May '21 13:01RemovedRemoved
Even Steven302 May '21 12:46RemovedRemoved
The Joe Shmo Show829 Apr '21 18:39RemovedRemoved

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