1. e4
    06 May '08
    23 Aug '23 22:16

    My Wall Chart for the 2023 Chess World Cup.

    A study by T. B. Gorgiev (White to play and win)

    That study leads onto some theory about Rook v Bishop endings with of
    course RHP examples of players sending their King to the wrong corner.

    Then a couple of odd Red Hot Pawn Checkmates.

    Blog Post 579
  2. Joined
    25 Aug '23
    26 Aug '23 23:291 edit
    I'm not rated very high. If I were to play it I'd end up a rook up in the ending. I struggle to find the win part unless a rook and bishop vs bishop is sufficient to win. Thank you for the lesson about the king. Thumbs up.

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