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  1. e4
    06 May '08
    02 May '21 00:13

    My solution to the arguments flags on the chessboard sometimes cause.

    Part 2 of how come the good guys are so good with good guys examples
    followed by RHP bad examples. Take comfort in the fact that your losses
    are actually helping others RHP members from suffering the same fate.

    One of the good guys positions. What would you do?
    G. Serper - C. Navrotescu, Oakham 1988 (Black to play)

    Then a James Aitken game that had me recalling a blast from the RHP past.

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  2. Joined
    28 Feb '16
    02 May '21 04:09
    Another enjoyable time with Greenpawn. Keep them coming!
  3. Joined
    18 Jan '07
    09 May '21 15:52
    B^&# me. That's not just a typical silly Greenpawn joke. The father of half of Dire Straights actually did win the Scots chess championship!