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Live Chess Beta423 Jul '21 21:33Russrookorbycrook
Trolling, taking threads off-topic and copy-pas...323 Jul '21 11:48RussWoofwoof
Forum post alert constraints813 Jul '21 02:12RussKevin Eleven
Short scheduled outage 25th June 2021225 Jun '21 08:43RussRuss
Android App v4.6.9 with Clans released104 Jun '21 13:30RussRuss
Final browser compatibility warning820 May '21 14:56RussRuss
Maintenance complete - browser support going fo...817 May '21 10:40RussRuss
Subscribers with legacy 2checkout orders paid u...830 Apr '21 09:27RussRuss
Live Chess with Chess960 - beta120 Apr '21 08:42RussRuss
Facebook login currently unavailable [resolved]114 Apr '21 11:27RussRuss
GameExplorer status706 Apr '21 08:26RussRuss
iPhone App Beta v4.5.6 - help needed126 Mar '21 16:58RussRuss
iOS iPhone/iPad notification failures225 Mar '21 10:03RussRuss
Two decades of chess1522 Mar '21 10:20RussKevin Eleven
Internet Explorer support ending1218 Mar '21 13:18RussPonderable
Android app (v4.6.4) released205 Mar '21 14:39RussRuss
Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) notifications not...104 Mar '21 17:14RussRuss
Facebook login currently unavailable [resolved]104 Mar '21 08:32RussRuss
Timeouts suspended [now resumed]203 Mar '21 07:07RussRuss
DailyChess outage (2 hours approx Feb 28th) [no...128 Feb '21 02:28RussRuss
IMPORTANT : Turning off email notifications - d...419 Feb '21 14:27RussRuss
Game moves 2001 to 2012 reintroduced216 Feb '21 16:38RussRuss
Draw offered indicated904 Jan '21 17:08RussVery Rusty
Ignore List now Blocked Players1414 Nov '20 19:40RussVery Rusty
Scheduled site maintenance Nov 4th 20201607 Nov '20 10:06Russadalia bipunctata
Improved forum post alerting process from Monda...3213 Sep '20 12:15RussVery Rusty
Subscription Audit & the move from Sep '20 11:25Russgedwin
Forum Posting Guidelines updated1607 Jul '20 19:51Russneilarini
Debates forum suspended temporarily9406 Jul '20 16:23RussVery Rusty
Political Ads blocked for the time being804 Jul '20 22:30RussEarl of Trumps

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