Popeye The Sailor Clan vs Danger Mouse

Popeye The Sailor Clan vs Danger Mouse

Clan Challenge

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Popeye The Sailor ClanDanger Mouse
Popeye The Sailor ClanMovesDanger Mouse
Fzek471268241426Alex Foster
Fzek471268331426Alex Foster
SERGEANTPMAIN1304381215Kimo Sabie
SERGEANTPMAIN1304191215Kimo Sabie
Fransie Kruger1248461276TemplarExemplar
Fransie Kruger1248481276TemplarExemplar
Raampje x1172691267stevehewitt
Raampje x1172681267stevehewitt
4Games Won7
0Gross Points12
-12Net Points12
Challenge Result Notes

'Danger Mouse' wins.

12 points awarded to winner.

12 of 12 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2024 challenge table.

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