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About Silverknight75

Update 26/10/23: Sorry, for health reasons, I can only take on a limited number of games against new opponents.

The '75' in my nickname was my age when I invented it. Time has moved on, so I am now 78 and a widower. Living in a "family of one" gives me a lot of free time; and my main hobby is writing. My current project is a novel.

I am always interested to play opponents from other countries, anywhere in the world, since chess is a cross-cultural activity; and I am also on the look-out for readers.

The last professional course I completed (in 2007) before I retired from full-time work (in 2010) was a Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice; so I do occasionally offer a little help to those on this site who are struggling to understand this complicated game....!

Communication is important to me; so "silent" games (without any messaging) are of little interest nowadays.

Have a nice day!

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Games Played817
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Moves This Month61
Tourn. Entry Rating1853
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794 games


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95 games

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15 games


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Average Rating182318341943
Lowest Rating177717771705
Opponent Average Rating147514871555
Games Rated52183794
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