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About rossolimo

I am 74 years old, retired, and live near San Francisco. I learned chess in the late 1950's, and played U.S.C.F. tournaments in the late 1960's . While living in New York, I used to go to a cafe in Greenwich Village named Rossolimo's where people came to play chess and which was named after its owner Nicholas Rossolimo, a retired GrandMaster. I then stopped playing actively until I retired 11 years ago.

Knowing I could play online, reignited my interest in and love of chess, and I currently play on both and red hot pawn.

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1192 games

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623 games

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569 games

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Games Played1251
In Progress9
All Moves45444
Moves This Month90
Tourn. Entry Rating1218
Vacation rem' 202334 days

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1192 games


716 games


392 games


84 games

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53 games


52 games


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Highest Rating119513061522
Average Rating116912191339
Lowest Rating113011301130
Opponent Average Rating116212081287
Games Rated1150407
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  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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