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this is not my space,
i am only a guest

i just watched two fools in debate
i could have but didn't get irate
the discourse was dumb
intellectual chewing gum
that they each thought they won was quaint

it’s raining in death valley
kim and pete are done
ice cream tacos no longer exist
so i went and bought a gun
strippers need to unionize
trees get aluminum dresses
cancer’s been granted citizenship
and alex jones confesses
drones kill more humans
than kangaroos or white sharks
pelosi’s pokin the chinese bear
i’m buying oxy in the park
there's imported debris on mars
and chorizo in outer space
global warming is killing coral
and ole boris bowed out with grace

while it's true that love has no boundaries, no limits, and no rules,
yer court-appointed restraining order has all three

i live by a simple code
"we'll see what happens"

i live in texas
and, i spell badly, purposely
but most folks spell it b-a-d-l-y

i am a lot older than everyone
except fer her
and that guy over there
and you...

i have this habit
and if i shave, no one can tell that i'm not a nun

a thought is like a leaf falling from a tree in autumn-
as it downward drifts, it is individual, unique, special-
and then it joins its fellow thoughts on the forest floor, lost forever in the chaos-
soon to compost, intermingled inseparably from its neighbors-
as THIS thought will be

if you let it show,
for any length of time
you'll get no mercy,
and yer skull will be mine

good health iz merely the slowest possible rate to die

randy rookie's regulatory rationale
we iz all dogs
some will bark,
others may bite
most just scratch,
while the rest fight
we all like to do it doggie style

let the party commence...

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