Radovan Jazic

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AFM Fide elo 1794 Bosnia and Hecegovina Republka Srpska Banja Luka radio Elktroprenos Bosne i Hercegovine volim igrati sah pecati ribe imam 67 godina i ponekad odem na turnire saha najcesce Novi Sad republka Srbija autonomija Vojvodina.Odlazim cesto u rodno mjesto Donji Petrovici Krupa na Uni. Takođe imam elo za rapid i blitz.Diplomiro matematiku i masinski fakultet davni 70 godina. Zbog bolesti rijetko idem na turnire pa se zadovoljavam internetskih sajtovima saha.

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84 games

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66 games

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18 games

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All Games Played87
In Progress5
All Moves2504
Moves This Month186
Tourn. Entry Rating2236

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84 games


74 games


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7 games

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4 games


0 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating223622362236
Average Rating219420492049
Lowest Rating213517611761
Opponent Average Rating181518551855
Games Rated198484
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