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About Outback

Hi I am an Advocate, SC, AJ, hence this prolix profile. We get paid by time spent and old habits die hard. Weekend farmer (devoted), father of 3 (bad one), besotted bow (most men 40 years younger than me are unable to draw anyone of my 9 bows) and rifle hunter (dedicated - ethical), on road off road BMW motorbike lover, piously devoted to good whiskey and hopelessly dedicated to triathlon training - around 60 hours per month - swim cycle run repeat. See you at the Durban Iron Man. My fondness for chess far exceeds my ability to play it well at all. In truth I am hopeless. I suck. But I am always keen to give every game an honest good go and will accept any challenge. A good hiding induces respect. I play for fun and relaxation but I do sulk for a day or so after a stupid move. I am over hasty and most of my losses are due to impatience. I make at least one stupid error per game (you can always bank on that) and as soon as I get over that habit, and patiently stick to a more defensive game and reduce the crazy number of games I play - my ratings should decrease less rapidly. I used to dislike taking skulls. Its like kissing your sister but no more after those whose skulls I spared, delighted in taking mine. I dislike playing to the death, if I cannot win, but force myself to do so as of late, as it makes perfect sense and stalemate is sweet; but will only do so if I think I can possibly achieve stalemate. Otherwise if I am way down you deserve your win and I chuck in the f...it bucket and move on. But if you as much as hint that I should resign I will not. Resigning is actually liberating. Try it. If I am playing slower than usual it is because you are playing a good game. I would not know how to use a computer to help me, even if I had one. I am also unable to tell if you are using one. But hey - if that floats your boat. Should you slow down to maximum time just because I am up, I am sure to return the compliment. Regards Leon

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Moves This Month2255
Tourn. Entry Rating1327
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Opponent Average Rating113811081177
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  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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  • Rated stats are updated within 24 hours of the last completed rated game.
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    frequent, varied tourneys; great people. come join us! You must be a subscriber to join as only subscribers can play in our tournaments (site rules not club rules). You will also need to have a permanent rating (completed 20 rated games).

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