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About Mrtoohappy

I'm 73 years old live now in central Fla. Retired from the Air Force in 1986 and then went into management for the Post Office retired after 23 years and now just wondering what day it is every time i get up. LOL I just play chess for fun. I have enjoyed making friends with people I play. I'm into photography and like to share pictures and ideas with other people.

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3822 games

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1922 games

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Games Played3845
In Progress14
All Moves144416
Moves This Month32
Tourn. Entry Rating1041
Vacation rem' 202436 days

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3822 games


1582 games


2174 games


66 games

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26 games


3 games


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Highest Rating111211121231
Average Rating102610271065
Lowest Rating945945916
Opponent Average Rating112610961111
Games Rated532301212
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  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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