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Love a great combination win or lose. Combinations makes Chess art. Once in a while, I actually make a successful sacrifice combination! Here are some recent successful attacking games where I won:
Game 14545108 - double knight sacrifice to create double passed pawns on the 6th rank versus Rook & Knight
Game 14814051 - pretty end
Game 14168945 - mating net on weak white squares
Game 13076982 - mating net with Zugzwang
Game 12091684 - mate I never planned!
Game 11975244 - Exchanges convert lost position into a bad bishop vs Knight win
Game 10753832 - Attacking sacrifices used to continue an aggressive (probably unsound) king hunt!
Game 10730319 - a nice positional sacrifice 17. Nd6+! to win
Game 10730328 - pair of knight clearance sacs to win
Game 10748156 - no sacrifices, but a nice mate with a pawn
Game 10875273 - my first ever win-in-2. The Dutch Staunton gambit, Nimzovich variation.
Game 10970866 - a brutal endgame with a lucky Knight and Rook fork
Game 10948658 - An interesting endgame against a strong opponent
Game 10995575 - A pretty rook sacrifice for a quick mate
Game 11051604 - The Dangers of Launching a King-side Pawn Rush
Game 11051605 - Poisoned Pawn left hanging on Move 36 provides tempo for a successful Mate-in-5
Game 11075474 - No sacrifices involved, but a fun little king hunt ending with a pawn mate
Game 11000533 - A nice N vs B endgame
Game 11197949 - Slow suffocation of a wandering king
Game 11160433 - Looks like a mini-Mate-in-2 chess problem on move 29 for white.
Game 11324701 - Surprisingly finish with a combo Clearance/Deflection Bishop sac on move 9
Game 11350504 - Nice double-check with mate next move
Game 11151633 - Not perfect, two pawns down but a nice finish
Game 11414989 - Nice rook sac on move 29
Game 12171226 - A Pretty Knight-Only Mate
Game 12580195 - Co

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