Joseph Palmer

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About Joseph Palmer

I have enjoyed this game's meditative properties since I was 4. My dad had the idea of building a set out of scrap 2" x 4"s with the pieces standing 6 -8" tall. My mom quilted the board and it sat in front of our fireplace. I have fond memories of playing many a match growing up. I'm always open to a challenge so lets have a go...

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Games Played1060
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All Moves40641
Moves This Month197
Tourn. Entry Rating1465
Vacation rem' 202436 days

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1042 games


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Highest Rating146215211521
Average Rating142414421407
Lowest Rating138313471303
Opponent Average Rating138913491372
Games Rated22116347
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  • The Flying Aces

    If your serious about improving your skills, like to engage in friendly banter, (nothing mean spirited) and don't like bad sportsmanship, than this club is for you. We would love to have you!

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