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About Jayboman1579

I stand with the Ukrainians.
I've been playing chess since before the Fischer-Spassky boom of the early 1970s. My play has been sporadic since then. Up until an over-the-board tournament a couple months ago I hadn't played for around 20 years. I'm really enjoying the game now.
I'm retired after working as a prison school teacher for more years that I care to admit. There are few time constraints with the number of opponents now! Thanks to RHP for its fine site.

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Games Played1146
In Progress131
All Moves43163
Moves This Month354
Tourn. Entry Rating1450
Vacation rem' 20227 days

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1141 games


554 games


407 games


180 games

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90 games


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Highest Rating154715501601
Average Rating146414871485
Lowest Rating134813481348
Opponent Average Rating123413721415
Games Rated432111139
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