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Greetings one and all. I am an Englishman living for the past decade and more in Sulawesi, a little known backwater of Indonesia, running a tourist lodge for SCUBA divers and naturalists. I am generally available to play every day, sometime during the day or night, although I never play chess underwater. Usually it's whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, and I drink a lot of coffee, so I'm good for a few moves a day. My internet connection here isn't reliable enough to play one - day time - outs, so I prefer three days with no time bank, so games don't drag on too long, and I will take your skull if it turns up, as I would expect you to take mine. I am but an average player, and like all average players I have good days and bad days, quite capable of losing a game with one move, winning I find usually takes a bit longer, but then chess is like life, nothing is ever black or white. By the way out of respect to my opponent I keep the moves coming in losing positions and resign when the game is lost, and I hope for the same in return, otherwise please play somebody else. I wouldn't know a 'chess engine' if it bit me (I fail to see the point or pleasure in cheating) and don't possess a chess book; when I play it's all me, as is apparent by my performance...For me chess is a glorious and gloriously irrelevant pastime, and a stimulating distraction to the usual business of life; I take it seriously, but not that seriously, 'tis but a game, after all. Anyway, good to talk, if we engage over the board then win or lose I hope I can prove a worthy opponent, and may our engagement be a cordial and enjoyable one for both concerned! Phil.

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