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About Herriot

I've reached the exhaulted heights of 1600 so can die happy, but am really a 1400-1500 player.
No matter how long and hard I think before moving I'll only ever be average but every so often I'll produce a brilliant move - so beware!
Equally, I'm prone to the odd bit of stupidity. If this happens when I'm playing you, take that piece of good fortune with a smile.
But mostly I lose games and just cannot see where the vital errors happened, because happen they must have and I'm just not good enought to see them.

Chat if you wish, I'm happy to chat back.

I usually take skulls - them's the rules.

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Games Played2284
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Moves This Month382
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Average Rating139113371361
Lowest Rating135311791084
Opponent Average Rating135613281381
Games Rated56152892
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