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About Grumpydoggy

This site is my main opportunity to play chess, so I'm really focused on developing as a player and learning from mistakes; far more than on winning and defending my ranking. That said - I prefer to play ranked matches as it makes me think better.

I like to have a bit of a chat - not into conversational mind-games though... and I definitely appreciate feedback on where I went wrong! Learn, learn, learn! If a game is interesting it's always good to have a rematch. It's nice to start to understand a different player's style and reflect on it.

I'll take the time-outs in competition matches, and outside that in obvious winning positions, stalled games that haven't got interesting yet etc. but if you're struggling with time I'm happy to listen; ultimately I prefer being in the middle of a dynamic game to a winning result.

Just a word on clans - please don't reach out with clan invites; from prior experience I just can't commit to that many concurrent games. It all too rapidly exceeds my resources of spare time and intellect...

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