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"Imagination bias, if I may coin a phrase, is even more free of objectivity than confirmation bias. Of course you can "...almost imagine people being more invested in casual hedonism than in the pursuit of the abstract and 'adding value,' so to speak" If you happen to believe it already and have no need of factual information." ~ JS357

That a transcendent unmoved mover is needed to get existence going does not, by a long shot, establish that God exists, or that that God has anything to say to man, or that that transcendent unmoved mover is equivalent to the God of the OT or the NT, or that that God is the same as the man who died on the cross at Calvary. In some religions, the maker of the material universe is not the highest God, but a meagre demi-urge. A transcendent unmoved mover to get the universe going might have been like a match which kindles a fire, moves on to the next candle, and is eventually extinguished. Simply another mindless force external to this present universe, with no ethical message for man, would suffice as an explanatory principle, how existence got going. No design or intelligence needed. ~ moonbus

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  • The Grateful Dead

    Coincidentally named after the famous band although you have to have 250 shows on tape to join. Actually that's not true. But after a year in this club you will have 250 shows, if you want them, and if haven't got them already.

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