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Seeing as different people worship different Gods, and I have no reason to believe that any of the revealed Gods [that various believers describe] actually exist as described, and seeing as these Gods simply stand as a supernatural figure at the epicentre of an ideology, I think to refer to a person's "God figure" or people's "God figures" is the way to go.

The nature of the God figure that does not allow non-believers into "Heaven" after they die is, to my way of thinking, fundamentally different from the nature of a God figure that tortures non-believers in burning flames for eternity. There are two different God figures right there. Hindus, Muslims and Jews and others also have their own different God figures.

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Tourn. Entry Rating1091
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Games Rated1455107
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    Sweet sounds. Smooth players.

  • The Grateful Dead

    Coincidentally named after the famous band although you have to have 250 shows on tape to join. Actually that's not true. But after a year in this club you will have 250 shows, if you want them, and if haven't got them already.

  • Friends Of Cash

    we need to talk


    forensic forum analysis

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