Earl of Trumps

Rating 1793

Accepting all challenges
Daily ChessLast move 21 minutes ago

About Earl of Trumps

Earl of Trumps has not written a profile. He's too lazy. Let's let AI do it.

Hi. AI here. Earl loves pretty sunsets and long walks on the beach. Or am I mixing Earl with Elsie!? Hmmmm, Earl's a nice guy. Give him a challenge.

Rating Trend (last 50 games)

Rated Won / Drawn / Lost

All Rated

302 games

As White

154 games

As Black

148 games

Daily ChessStats

Games Played523
In Progress5
All Moves18394
Moves This Month125
Tourn. Entry Rating1850
Vacation rem' 202436 days

Rated Color


302 games


241 games


42 games


19 games

Rated Timeouts


9 games


5 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating181319081958
Average Rating180018291806
Lowest Rating178317831305
Opponent Average Rating117013431424
Games Rated1957273
  • Moves This Month is the number of moves made since the 1st of the month.
  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
  • Tournament Entry Rating is calculated by the formula (CurrentRating + HighestRating) / 2. The entry rating will never drop to more than 100 points below your Highest Rating.
  • Rated stats are updated within 24 hours of the last completed rated game.
  • Last refreshed on 12 Apr '24 .

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