Rating 1784

About beatlemania

USCF Rating: 1942
FIDE Rating: 1725
Highest RHP rating: 1915
Lowest RHP rating: 826 😲 (Not on purpose, I swear!!)

Games I'm happy to show. πŸ™‚ (newest additions at the top)

Game 10001049
Game 8285144
Game 8068304
Game 7026555
Game 6726314
Game 6323582
Game 5392396
Game 5392125
Game 4860462
Game 4146622
Game 3252027
Game 5416206
Game 4047490
Game 3251637
Game 3251437
Game 3852991
Game 4940366
Game 3312877
Game 4334980
Game 3702348
Game 4025883
Game 3765059
Game 4324723
Game 4280346
Game 5392078
Game 5524657
Game 6055683
Game 6055672
Game 4889246

Games I'm not so happy to show. 😞
Game 3058626
Game 3232216
Game 3526113
Game 3920118
Game 6009839
Game 6055694

I consider myself an average player blessed with momentary sparks of brilliance and then cursed with lengthy spells of abnormal stupidity.

If you ever see my rating above 1800, don't believe it. It's just a dirty rumor spread by someone I accidentally beat.

Random challenges will be deleted. At least send me a message if you want to play me.

I will take the skull, I have too many games not to! Of course, I'd be a complete hypocrite if I asked for you to do any different. Have fun.

*Edit 4/27/2013* I have finally broken the 1900 barrier on RHP! My life is now complete as I ride the roller coaster back down to where I belong.

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7503 games

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All Games Played15977
In Progress143
All Moves521084
Moves This Month21
Tourn. Entry Rating1822

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15112 games


8107 games


5841 games


1164 games

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1632 games


1553 games


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Highest Rating178418611916
Average Rating170016941750
Lowest Rating161014341434
Opponent Average Rating162115231509
Games Rated1136653192
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