Nimzovich-Larsen attack - Symmetrical variation

Nimzovich-Larsen attack - Symmetrical variation

1. b3 b6

Nimzovich-Larsen attack - Symmetrical variation

1. b3 b6

Playing the Nimzovich-Larsen attack - Symmetrical variation

The Nimzovich-Larsen Attack Symmetrical Variation is a chess opening that arises from the following moves:

1. b3 e52. Bb2 Nc63. e3 Nf6

This variation is called "Symmetrical" because both sides have similar pawn structures and piece development. It's named after two famous chess players, Aron Nimzovich and Bent Larsen, who both used this opening with success.

Reasons to play the Nimzovich-Larsen Attack Symmetrical Variation:

1. Understanding of both sides: Since it's a symmetrical variation, playing this opening can help you understand both white's and black's strategies, which can be beneficial in the long run.

2. Solid structure: The opening leads to a solid pawn structure and steady development of pieces, which is beneficial for players who prefer positional play over tactical complexities.

3. Less theory: Compared to many other openings, the Nimzovich-Larsen Attack has less theory to memorize, making it a good choice for players who prefer to understand the ideas behind an opening rather than memorizing long lines.

Reasons to avoid the Nimzovich-Larsen Attack Symmetrical Variation:

1. Slow development: The opening is not the most aggressive one, and it doesn't put immediate pressure on the opponent. If you prefer sharp, tactical positions, this opening might not be the best choice.

2. Risk of symmetry: In some lines, the game can become too symmetrical, leading to a quick draw if both players are careful. If you're aiming for a win, you might need to take risks to break the symmetry.

3. Less popular at high levels: While it's not unheard of, the Nimzovich-Larsen Attack is not as popular at the highest levels of chess as some other openings. This could make it harder to find high-quality resources for studying it.

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