Lasker simul special

Lasker simul special

1. g3 h5

Lasker simul special

1. g3 h5

Playing the Lasker simul special

The Lasker Simul Special is a chess opening that arises from the Queen's Pawn Game. It is characterized by the following moves:

1. d4 d52. Nf3 Nf63. e3 e64. Bd3 c55. c3 Nc66. O-O Qc77. Re1 cxd48. cxd4 Bd6

This opening is named after Emanuel Lasker, the second World Chess Champion, who used it in simultaneous exhibitions.

Reasons to play the Lasker Simul Special:

1. Solid Structure: The Lasker Simul Special provides a solid pawn structure and quick development, allowing for a stable position in the early game.

2. Flexibility: The opening offers flexibility in both pawn structure and piece placement, enabling you to adapt to your opponent's strategy.

3. Less Theory: Compared to other popular openings, the Lasker Simul Special has less theoretical baggage. This means you can focus more on understanding the position and less on memorizing variations.

4. Surprise Value: As it is not a very common opening at higher levels, it can catch your opponents off guard and force them to think from early on in the game.

Reasons not to play the Lasker Simul Special:

1. Lack of Active Pieces: The opening does not prioritize quick piece activity, which can lead to cramped positions if not handled properly.

2. Passive Bishop: The bishop on d6 is not very active and can become a target for White's pawn advances.

3. Limited Central Control: The opening does not exert immediate control over the center, which can give White opportunities to seize space and initiate attacks.

4. Not Popular at High Levels: The Lasker Simul Special is rarely seen in top-level chess, which may indicate that it does not offer Black equalizing chances against precise play from White.

In conclusion, the Lasker Simul Special can be an interesting choice if you want to try something offbeat and focus on understanding positional play. However, be prepared to face challenges in achieving active piece play and central control.

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