The Chess Buzz

The Chess Buzz

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The Chess Buzz

I am defo...( a slang word I picked up from my granddaughter, it means, definitely.)

I am defo going to get one of these..

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I’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug and....wait for it....this next gag took
me three days to think up...I’ll have a good Knights sleep!!!
green pawns

Picture Quiz No.138 Who Is This?
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green pawns

I was sent a position as a puzzle, it’s from a recent internet game on another site.

I requested the game so I could see the build up because the key move was missed.
I solved it fairly quickly because from the set position I knew something was ‘on.’

But would I have got it had I been playing Black. Would the ‘the buzz, the zing’
kick in. It is difficult to explain the ‘the buzz, the zing’ it is when you as a player
suddenly know something has appeared, a trick, a trap, a winning combination?

Unless you are extraordinarily gifted ‘the buzz’ only hits you after you have
earned playing experience backed up with studying tactical positions from
those set them up and solve them positions from puzzle books or the internet.

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It is a required and acquired skill and you must be able to recognise ‘the buzz’ as easy
as you do when you see a familiar face in a crowd. You might not be able to remember
the name right away, that is when you pause as you troll through your memory cells.

In chess you pause to scratch the itch and work out what why you got the buzz. But to look
first you must see! Learn to recognise, accept and trust this ‘buzz’ as your guiding light.

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Go through this snapshot of a game and see if you can spot the missed Black win.
Use the button at the bottom of the PGN thingy to flip the board so you are Black.

Solution at the bottom followed. by an RHP example of the same win being made a hash of.

green pawns

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Where we relive a moment of magic from the past (an old blog from 9 years ago.)

Kresten - papabeargary The RHP Championship 2012

Black sets a trap and White walks into it.
White sets a trap and Black walks into it.

green pawns

Who Is This Picture Quiz No.138
It is Yasser Seirawan at the U.S. Open, Lincoln 1975.

Solution to the find ‘The Buzz’ puzzle.

The key position was here (Black to play)

Black wins the Queen v Rook ending. Which is not always the case on RHP.
I get ‘The Buzz’ when I see a potential Red Hot Pawn blunder about to happen.

Necho - lstcyr RHP 2012

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 190260
I have decided to leave the comments off as I have no way other than keep coming
back here to see if any have been made. Any corrections etc just use the above link.

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