Chess in a T.V. Advert

Chess in a T.V. Advert

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Chess in a T.V. Advert

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I had a real corny caption ready but I’ll take pity on you lot and leave it out.
green pawns

Recently I saw this position in a TV advert for a financial firm.

After 1.Kxc3 it is stalemate and if 1.Kd1 Rxc4 and the two Knight cannot force
a mate. So I decided to use the position to try and create a two Knight Helpmate.

Then I wondered if anybody here had been mated. by two Knights.

Yes! one player, but perhaps the players (related?) did not know how to claim a draw so
figured the only way to finish this game and start another was for White to walk into
a mate. The Knights had been chasing the King around for 94 moves till the checkmate.

Chris Tucker - SammTuckker RHP 2018

White played 148 Kh1 Nf2 mate. There is no mate after 148. Kh3.
green pawns

I emphasise to my students that one plan in the opening is using your minor
pieces to create weakness’, then call on the Queen and Rooks to exploit them.
Here Black goes one step further, the minor pieces do not need the heavy pieces.

John yoder - flyingcod, RHP Augusts, 2023

3. d3 in the Petrov can lead to a reverse Philidor. If Black is feeling lucky then they can
try 3...Bc5 and go for a trap that has caught quite a few RHP players. In fact 4 this year.

Bk800runner - kuntakente RHP 2023

green pawns


A Fred Reinfeld book (I have the other ‘How to play the Black Pieces but as yet have no pun)

Speaking of strange positions like the final of the John yoder - flyingcod game
I was recently sent a game that had this position by move 33. The crowded d-file.

DaveH - CrawlIce RHP 2023. The game ended in a draw. It is not too uncommon
that we see a flooded d-file up to moves 10-12 but this one appeared on move 33!

The most frequent d-file flood in OTB games and on here is this position.

Which comes mainly from the Slav Defence. Over 140 times in OTB play including
games by Reti, Tartakower, Botvinnik, Korchnoi, Karpov, Shirov and Nakamura,
Red Hot Pawn has to date 18 games with this close to a mirror image position.

The position came from the DaveH - CrawlIce RHP 2023 came from an opening called
the Rousseau Gambit. I know it as a variation of the Latvian Gambit. Let’s look at one.

dieterzurn - silveto RHP 2011

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 197964

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