World Championship (Game Nine)

World Championship (Game Nine)

The Planet Greenpawn

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World Championship (Game Nine)

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After going 2-0 down the vultures have started circling over the
head of Nepomniachtchi and everyone (me included ) has been
offering him advice on what to do next (I want him to play 1.a3.)

His team must have a few opening twists in their locker to be used
in case their man fell behind. If so then now is the time to open it.

My biggest pre-match concern was not opening innovations, but what do
I call Nepomniachtchi because his name seems to hog a whole sentence
and I’ll lose 50% of the space I use for my one line game comments.

I and everyone else has gone for ‘Nepo’, which he apparently does not mind.
I did toy with using Ian but then I would have to call Carlsen ‘Magnus’ giving
the impression I’m either talking about two personal friends or I am their father.

I’m obviously not their dad, if so then my incredibly handsome gene has not
been picked up by either of them and I select my personal chess friends very
carefully from a pool of players I can beat. I have three chess playing friends.

The Rules

I. Nepomniachtchi - M. Carlsen. Game 9, World Championship 2021

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