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  1. e4
    06 May '08
    27 Mar '23 17:42
    Hi David,

    Yes it really is a beauty. I could never create anything like some of these problems
    and studies. (and I've tried.) and that inner feeling when you know you are on the
    right track. The hard bit (and when doing these I have to throw the pieces) is making
    sure you have bust all the defensive tries. Qa8 pinning the Rook when it was threatening mate in one. Pure poetry.

    There is another variation if Black tries 1...Bc4.

  2. e4
    06 May '08
    26 Mar '23 21:511 edit
    Hi mike69,

    Not on this site. The best option is to set it up OTB and sling the bits
    about. That way you get to appreciate it more and smell the wood.
    There are other mates in 5 variations I have gave what I consider the
    best two. (if you drop the position into an engine it may not realise
    that Black still has the option to castle Queen side.)
  3. e4
    06 May '08
    26 Mar '23 17:10

    Setting the background scene for the coming match.
    (I manage to do it wihtout mentioning 'you-know who' )

    It closes with a wonderful piece of chessboard magic.
    Kraemer & Massmann, 1955.

    White to play and mate in 5 (Black can 0-0-0 if allowed.)

    Blog Post 550
  4. e4
    06 May '08
    22 Mar '23 00:32
    Hi Ponderable,

    That is an easy one to explain. When I drop a puzzle on your lap you know that
    there is something there. During a game you never get that tap on the shoulder.
    Experience gained solving these things helps you recognise patterns during play.
    But one or two a week is not enough. Do middle game puzzles as often as you can.
    Openings are memory, endgames are technique, it's the middle game where games are decided.
  5. e4
    06 May '08
    17 Mar '23 10:31

    A new cover for ‘Test Tube Chess’ that I reviewed last blog.

    And then a study like double blunder.
    Daanv - svincent RHP 2018 (Black to play)

    A draw but Black played 1...Kd6 that should have lost. White missed the win.

    Then a selection of RHP games featuring ‘Pause Before Promoting.’

    Finally Trap Of The Year. (in this case the year being 2006)

    AG Hammer - seoiv RHP 2006

    You are White here. It looks pretty grim, what would you do?
    You have to play the silliest/craftiest looking move on the board.

    Blog Post 549
  6. e4
    06 May '08
    09 Mar '23 20:20

    A mini review of ‘Test Tube Chess’ by John Roycroft with examples
    from the book and five RHP games with study like inspired finishes.

    Blog Post 548
  7. e4
    06 May '08
    09 Mar '23 09:35
    Oddly enough I touch on this, resigning one move from mate in the next blog
    which I am fine tuning, maybe have it posted later today.

    There is an incredible amount of games drawn by players not knowing how to
    mate with a Bishop and Knight. (though it is not through the lack of trying)
    One player has drawn this 4 times out of 5 Their one win being when their opponent
    resigned as soon as the ending appeared because they assumed they knew how to do it!

    In another game with a different player we get a KBN v K ending on or
    about move 60 and the mate is eventually delivered on move 185.

    I'm hinting that the losing player could have claimed a draw but it would have been
    more fun to wait until they were one move from being mated and then resign!
  8. e4
    06 May '08
    09 Mar '23 08:532 edits
    Hi Shallow-Blue,

    I was just wondering why that one was so fresh in my mind.
    When I do a WORD search though them all (410) to make sure I've not used a
    game before or I am not by accident picking on someone by just showing their losses
    I often see stuff I had forgotten all about.. In this case I was sure it was more recent than 8 years ago.
    Maybe time passes quicker when you get older. I don't know, I've never been older before.
  9. e4
    06 May '08
    06 Mar '23 07:41
    Hi raiox,

    "Looks like I had nothing original to say..."

    It was a good post, a catch up. New people here who joined during the pandemic
    would have missed it the first time around. Someone who saw it will either use it
    or avoid it. Consider it your good deed for the week.
  10. e4
    06 May '08
    05 Mar '23 07:14
    Hi raiox

    The term 'Elastic Knight' came up in the thread that went with that 2015 blog.

    Thread 163666

    I'm still having trouble knowing that blog was posted in 2015.
    I'd have put money on it being just a couple of years old.
    Just before the turn of the year I was showing a wee lad a Knight perpetual.

    (though the game in the blog was with Black giving the perpetual.

    I mentioned it was a 'what could have happened' in a blog a few years back.
    It was seven years back!
  11. e4
    06 May '08
    02 Mar '23 23:00
    No, just a hacker who had a good run.
    If they gave titles for the love of the game I'd be a GM
    and in that respect I suspect we all are.
  12. e4
    06 May '08
    02 Mar '23 22:021 edit
    Cannot seen why people are looking at average ratings of opponents.
    Mines is 1450ish. I only played in the hardcore which attracts
    a lot of players below that rating and few over 1900.
    I cannot beat these 1900+ guys anymore as I blunder far too often.
    Against the lower rated lads I still blunder but get away with it.

    My current rating here (1900 something) is very close to my current OTB rating.

    I think the saddest thing I did regarding rating here is when I was
    1899 and lost in a game I should resign. I explained to my opponent
    that I expect to win a few other games and it would be good to see
    me over 1900 again and then I'll resign.

    I have good days where I can see everything. but the numerous bad
    days, which I do not recognise till after I've seen what I've played,
    are more frequent. I don't mind losing but losing how I've been losing
    in the past few years is frustrating.

    But enough of the self pity. The top rated player cenerentola (2570)
    his average opponent is 1740 so I'm not sure why it makes a difference
    and why it should be an eye raising topic.

    (Congrats to Beatlemania)
  13. e4
    06 May '08
    01 Mar '23 10:07

    A wander through a Bishop Maze. The Knight Triangle (Part II)
    Back to Bishop and Kings all with RHP games as examples.

    Blog Post 547
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