Grandmaster Games Database
Alexander Alekhine vs A. Schroeder1-0271923New York simD26QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Alexander Alekhine vs G. Hawley1-0171933Chicago sim blindfoldD55QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Alexander Alekhine vs W. Wertheim1-0361933Jakarta simD31QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Alexander Alekhine vs Fernandez1-0101941Madrid simD31QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Viswanathan Anand vs Juergen Zaeck1-0512001Mainz CC SimulD31QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Berthold Englisch vs Adolf Anderssen½-½611877LeipzigD31QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Etienne Bacrot vs Michele Godena0-1581995Cannes mD35QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Etienne Bacrot vs Francisco Vallejo Pons½-½192006XXIII SuperGME49QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Nikolay Legky vs Etienne Bacrot0-1362007TCh-FRA Top 16 GpBD38QGD 3.Nc3Browse
C Derieux vs Etienne Bacrot0-1152007ch-Euro BlitzD38QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Evgeny Bareev vs V. Matychenkov1-0391988URS-chTE49QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Alexander Beliavsky vs Joel Lautier0-1411992BielD38QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Alexander Beliavsky vs Judit Polgar½-½211995MadridD31QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Arthur Bisguier vs V Rubinchik½-½412000101st US OpenA84QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Dawid Markelowicz Janowsky vs Joseph Henry Blackburne1-0361905OstendeD20QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Frank Marshall vs Joseph Henry Blackburne0-1881905OstendeD20QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Wolfgang Unzicker vs Pavel Blatny½-½251996Bundesliga 9596D38QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Vlastimil Babula vs Pavel Blatny1-0341996Lazne BohdanecE51QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Vlastimil Hort vs Pavel Blatny½-½221996Kottnauer memE51QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Vadim Zvjaginsev vs Pavel Blatny1-0491997New York opD31QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Leonid Voloshin vs Pavel Blatny0-1401998CZE-chE51QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Tomas Balogh vs Pavel Blatny1-0631998Krynica ztD38QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Reynolds Takata vs Pavel Blatny½-½461998Saitek US MastersD31QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Igor Zugic vs Pavel Blatny½-½ ItD31QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Valery Beim vs Pavel Blatny½-½4620062nd Bundesliga Ost 2005-6D38QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Walter Browne vs Filipp Frenkel1-0241995US-opA84QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Jose Raul Capablanca vs Akiba Rubinstein½-½221925MoscowD27QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Jose Raul Capablanca vs Ernst Gruenfeld½-½231925MoscowD27QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Frank Marshall vs Mikhail Chigorin0-1661905Barmen-AD31QGD 3.Nc3Browse
Geza Maroczy vs Mikhail Chigorin1-0331905OstendeE51QGD 3.Nc3Browse

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