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About odvarsarah

I'm 52, married with a child,(sarah,12). I cook for a living. I've played chess all my life(since 8),.My brother is a near master,but as you can tell by my rating Im not as good. I like (baseball,football,basketball,working on a old house,and of course chess),all from my couch.I play an occasional tourn.( uscf mem. 1220-1400) .I've sucked at times over the board.Luckly for you, I've sucked here too.I'm from wayzata, Minnesota, US..

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2237 games

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Games Played4504
In Progress52
All Moves143091
Moves This Month459
Tourn. Entry Rating1576
Vacation rem' 202336 days

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4431 games


2338 games


1781 games


312 games

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371 games


17 games


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Highest Rating158715871660
Average Rating151615141543
Lowest Rating144614451426
Opponent Average Rating141614151401
Games Rated48145678
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  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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