3 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

3 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscribertappa2380Games23 Sep '23 11:19-Defending
20Subscriberaaizenm2357Games24 Sep '23 07:01-Defending
30Subscriberbvinci2411Games24 Sep '23 02:30Challenging-
40SubscriberBrrr1850Games24 Sep '23 02:24-Defending
50Subscribergrandmasteryoda2148Games23 Sep '23 19:57-Defending
60SubscriberJack Bertram2038Games24 Sep '23 07:52ChallengingDefending
70SubscriberPattrick061995Games23 Sep '23 23:39-Defending
80SubscriberBartVH2066Games22 Sep '23 07:34-Defending
90Subscribercardinalal1917Games24 Sep '23 05:00ChallengingDefending
100SubscriberJonPenny1960Games21 Sep '23 15:26-Defending
110Subscribersesagym1850Games24 Sep '23 07:00ChallengingDefending
120Subscriber64squaresofpain1918Games23 Sep '23 09:36Challenging-
130SubscriberGinoblack1625Games22 Sep '23 14:25ChallengingDefending
140SubscriberSnikwash1780Games22 Sep '23 10:08ChallengingDefending
150Standard memberkrugerand1648Games24 Sep '23 00:38-Defending
160SubscriberPaul Leggett2011Games23 Sep '23 17:44-Defending
17+7Subscriberscrappie1866Games24 Sep '23 07:13Challenging-
18-1SubscriberWhiteskingknight1771Games22 Sep '23 17:58-Defending
19-1Subscribershaptonionline1856Games24 Sep '23 08:08ChallengingDefending
20-1SubscriberJrdy1617Games22 Sep '23 12:19ChallengingDefending
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Comments (6)

  • Posted 64 days 16 hours and 8 minutes ago
    First comment in almost two years!
  • Posted 737 days 21 hours and 9 minutes ago

    I have the same problem as "the accountant" - I challenged a player who does not appear to be available ... I can't challenge another player because I'm locked into this game where my opponent hasn't moved.

    What is the solution and/or your advice?

  • Posted 884 days 14 hours and 17 minutes ago | Edited
    My opponent's time bank ran out, so I timed out the game. I've been awarded the win points, but the ladder still says I'm challenging the player and I can't challenge another. I've now tried to leave the ladder since I can't challenge anyone, but that's prevented by the same bug, it thinks there's still a game in progress so wont let me leave. Ha, there's a 15 minute update delay on the ladder, so even though I got the win points straight away the ladder situation was delayed, oops.
  • Posted 954 days 14 hours and 29 minutes ago
    I challenged someone to a game on this ladder over a week ago. He hasn't moved. It doesn't appear that his timeout or timebank are depleting, and I can't remind him to move or claim the win. I messaged the admins, but haven't received a response. Does anyone know how to get out of this? Is there any way to cancel this game? I can't challenge another player because I'm locked into this game where my opponent hasn't moved.
  • Posted 1271 days 8 hours and 42 minutes ago
    Pensa cosa potrebbe succedere se io dovessi vincere la partita che ho in corso col n.29! C'è un piccolo particolare, che il n. 29 ha un rating di 2235 o giù di lì!!
  • Posted 2324 days 1 hour and 40 minutes ago
    Pending memberInvited member

    This chess ladder has a 7 day timebank for all games.

    Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.

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