Andy D

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About Andy D

Err, I guess I'm here to play chess or perhaps to learn from those who're better than me

I tend to play instictively, so don't use the analyse board feature much, life too short for endless possibilities and it's only a game after all.

I do take timeouts (well unless you're a mate in which case I'm a bit more friendly) so feel free to time me out too

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2931 games

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1451 games

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1480 games

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All Games Played2976
In Progress10
All Moves108563
Moves This Month130
Tourn. Entry Rating1322

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2931 games


1190 games


1664 games


77 games

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126 games


36 games


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Highest Rating135813581358
Average Rating127112021220
Lowest Rating116610721072
Opponent Average Rating127512971312
Games Rated43153809
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