1 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

1 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

Chess Ladders
PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscriberafcacbs2344Games22 Sep '20 15:02-Defending
20Subscribertappa2354Games22 Sep '20 16:05-Defending
30SubscriberBrrr1535Games21 Sep '20 15:46-Defending
40Subscriberbvinci2284Games23 Sep '20 02:08ChallengingDefending
50SubscriberQUAGMYR2303Games23 Sep '20 01:37--
60SubscriberNN Cheap2176Games23 Sep '20 01:15Challenging-
70SubscriberChessMusic2131Games22 Sep '20 10:21--
80SubscriberbeerNblues2009Games22 Sep '20 20:42ChallengingDefending
90Subscribermy2sons2022Games22 Sep '20 17:25-Defending
100Subscriberhellpudding2023Games22 Sep '20 21:36ChallengingDefending
110Subscriberaukermdr1920Games23 Sep '20 03:46-Defending
120Subscriberscorpio441950Games22 Sep '20 14:37-Defending
130SubscriberJack Bertram1974Games21 Sep '20 20:59--
140SubscriberBullwinkle22214Games22 Sep '20 00:28Challenging-
15+18Subscriberchmrjg1694Games23 Sep '20 01:21ChallengingDefending
16-1SubscriberLemmer1552Games22 Sep '20 17:56-Defending
17+7SubscriberBlontLeffedrinkerSr1932Games22 Sep '20 11:36Challenging-
18-2SubscriberOdinson1458Games22 Sep '20 23:30ChallengingDefending
19+3SubscriberScottishGeek1716Games22 Sep '20 15:29ChallengingDefending
20-3Subscriberbozgy1680Games23 Sep '20 02:15ChallengingDefending
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Comments (7)

  • Posted 567 days 21 hours and 58 minutes ago
    SubscriberKing KAT
    Advice please. I'm newish to the ladder. I challenged on the 26th Feb but my opponent has yet to start the game.
    What happens now or what do I need to do?
    Thanks for your help.....KAT
  • Posted 569 days 3 hours and 59 minutes ago
    Leaving after some exciting times. Need to cut back and concentrate on other things. Thanks for the lessons.
  • Posted 938 days 15 hours and 5 minutes ago
    It says I've chosen to leave the ladder!

    I haven't. I've just won a game. It's taken me many months to get inside the top 200. How can I stop it kicking me out?
  • Posted 1041 days 7 hours and 5 minutes ago | Edited
    What does the "month" column refer to? Never mind, think I've got it.
  • Posted 1357 days 16 hours and 2 minutes ago
    Never mind, got it.
  • Posted 1357 days 16 hours and 3 minutes ago
    How do I challenge a player?
  • Posted 1359 days 12 hours and 2 minutes ago
    Standard memberthemadscot34
    Comment removed

    This chess ladder has a 7 day timebank for all games.

    Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.