1 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

1 Day Timeout Chess Ladder

PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscribertappa2373Games27 Mar '23 09:17-Defending
2+2SubscriberErika Nu2414Games27 Mar '23 00:15-Defending
3-1Subscriberafcacbs2334Games26 Mar '23 22:57-Defending
4-1Subscriberbvinci2410Games26 Mar '23 11:44-Defending
50SubscriberBrrr1623Games27 Mar '23 09:42ChallengingDefending
60Subscriberdocjan2147Games26 Mar '23 12:07ChallengingDefending
70Subscriberglenamadda2046Games27 Mar '23 11:23ChallengingDefending
80Subscriberaukermdronline1850Games27 Mar '23 12:53--
9+9Subscribercardinalal1954Games27 Mar '23 12:10ChallengingDefending
10+21Subscriberilluminator1760Games27 Mar '23 12:47ChallengingDefending
11-2Subscriberchmrjg1619Games27 Mar '23 11:07ChallengingDefending
12-2Subscriberdaromott1782Games27 Mar '23 11:08ChallengingDefending
13-1SubscriberPattrick061993Games23 Mar '23 22:00-Defending
14-1SubscriberJack Bertram1945Games27 Mar '23 08:08--
15-1SubscriberHappyChappy1995Games27 Mar '23 10:50Challenging-
16-1SubscriberColgorm2024Games27 Mar '23 08:21-Defending
17-1SubscriberAugustus892043Games26 Mar '23 17:14--
18+30Subscriberbartboxer1736Games27 Mar '23 05:54-Defending
19-2Subscriberkrugerand1567Games27 Mar '23 09:05-Defending
20-1SubscriberJonPenny1940Games26 Mar '23 17:52Challenging-
Show Comments (15)
Comments (15)

  • Posted 16 days 9 hours and 33 minutes ago | Edited
    First comment in 1hr 43 minutes. Meow prrrr hisssssss, so many tasty fisssssh 🙂
  • Posted 16 days 11 hours and 16 minutes ago
    First comment in 6 months!
  • Posted 197 days 13 hours and 56 minutes ago
    Pawndering all the potential tasty fish in all these proverbial moats.
  • Posted 341 days 10 hours and 43 minutes ago
    nice one illumi mate
  • Posted 400 days 10 hours and 22 minutes ago
    First comment in 6 months!
  • Posted 589 days 1 hour and 13 minutes ago
    I can not challenge as usuel
    Subscribe for challenge???
  • Posted 605 days 18 hours and 29 minutes ago
    Standard memberfikm2021
    i challenge every one
  • Posted 808 days 8 hours and 25 minutes ago | Edited
    @ katella look your position up in the ladder, usually done top left on screen for ladder page, and it will say " find me " then when you get to your position ten places up from you is the maximum you can challenge someone to play. It will be highlighted " challenge " if it is not highlighted then that player is out of range , also highlighted. You will also have people challenge you so look out for that as well. any probs give us a call on 07306 142 870 regards rookorbycrook
  • Posted 1483 days 5 hours and 26 minutes ago
    SubscriberKing KAT
    Advice please. I'm newish to the ladder. I challenged on the 26th Feb but my opponent has yet to start the game.
    What happens now or what do I need to do?
    Thanks for your help.....KAT
  • Posted 1484 days 11 hours and 27 minutes ago
    Leaving after some exciting times. Need to cut back and concentrate on other things. Thanks for the lessons.

    This chess ladder has a 7 day timebank for all games.

    Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.

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