How to Post a Game + Justice in Chess

How to Post a Game + Justice in Chess

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How to Post a Game + Justice in Chess


Often see lad’s trying to post a game in the forum
and giving up. it’s easy.

Suppose you want to post a game played on RHP.

Get the chosen game and select ‘get pgn of this game.’

get pgn

Highlight and copy the moves.


If you want to you can copy in all the header information
as well but we will just be grabbing the moves of the game.

Start new post and do this.

bnak opgn

Just as it is there.

Paste moves between the PGN markers.


It will look like this.

Test it with the post preview button on. If it fails then there
is too much ‘white space’ between the moves. Remove the white space,

should work

That should work.

You want to add a comment after a move?

Then use these {} things.
Remember to leave a space between the moves.

and keep it short.

If it is a new thread and everything is OK then you will not see anything.

So in that case it is best to test out your post on an older thread
where you will see the game in all it’s glory.
(remember to leave the 'Preview before post ' button on.)

When happy post and if it’s a new thread then use a catchy ‘grab them’ title.

‘A New Opening Move.’
‘This Opening is Great.’
‘Win with this Opening.’
‘No Need to Study Chess, Play this Opening.’

It must have the magic word Opening in the title.
Avoid at all costs the words ‘Ending and Endgame.’

And never put the words ‘Interesting and Ending’ together.

Hope this helps.

Next week how to post a PGN from a set position.

green bar

This game was sent to me by a bloke who should start doing
the lottery, or backing heavily on the horses.

He has more luck than Lady Luck. Even his bad luck is good luck.

dirtysniper (1122) - schlumpfine (1299) . RHP 2010.

A few snapshots for you to look out for.

The standard Four Knights was reached with the Knights appearing
on the board first, here White and Black’s last moves were e4 and e5

Then here.

18.Qxe8+ getting two good Rooks for the Queen was an option.
But then we would not have seen the coming treats.

OK here comes the good instructive stuff.
White to play.

I see 26.Qe6 Rf8 27 Qxd6 looks OK.

White played 26.c3 which to me looks bad as it opens up the King
to rank attacks. In these QR V QR games you want to tie down a
piece to defending (26…Rf8) and not give your opponent counter play.

But what do I know?
This appeared a few moves later with Black to play.

OTB, blitz, or a 3 C.C. day game there is nothing like having mate in one on.
Without 26.c3 it would never have happened. I never saw it coming.

How can any of us say with any degree of certainty what is and what is not
a good move. We simply do not know what is coming next.

Black never saw the threat and played 28…Qxh2.
You can bet your left eye that if the position had been this.

he would have seen it.

So it came to this with White to play.

All White saw the f-pawn going with check and played 28.Qc2.
Again if the position had been this…

Then you can bet your right eye White would have mated Black.

And so it goes. Here White to play.

White failed to see that 37.Rb8 mates.
I have run put of eyes to bet with but if you had put any Black piece
on in b8 then White would have mated Black.

White misses the same back rank a few moves later but as he as missed
2 mates already he is hardly likely to see a 3rd. (you can bet your ears on that).

And that was that. Black went onto win. Justice was done.

Well in this position with Black to play it certainly looks like
justice is about to served on White big time in the shape of a skewer.

But justice can wait, Black missed 40…Qc1+ winning the Queen.
His idea is to get an extra Queen and as I said last time out, ideas are bad.

After each move the situation always changes.
It best to forget ideas, plots and plans and view the board as though
you were looking at it for the first time.

The two things I always mention to look out for are:

Any Checks in the position?
Any unprotected pieces on the board?

If Black had only stopped for a second he would have seen 30…Qc1+.
(and White would have seen all those missed mates.)

But no real harm done, it’s just a game of chess, everyone ended up happy.
Black got his extra Queen., White finally stumbled on a mate at the 4th attempt..

The Final Position.

The whole game.
(it would be good if I could not get this PGN working, after my earlier piece).

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Comments (2)

  • Posted 4102 days 4 hours and 52 minutes ago
    Er....good game by Black!
  • Posted 4103 days 16 hours and 11 minutes ago
    Standard memberIntermezzo

    1. d4 Nf6 2. g3 d5 3. Bg2 c6 4. Nc3 Bg4 5. Nf3 Nbd7
    6. Bf4 e6 7. Qd3 Bf5 8. Qd2 h6 9. h4 Bb4 10. O-O-O Qa5 11. Nh2 Nb6 12. Bc7 O-O
    13. a3 Bxa3 14. Kb1 Bxb2 15. Na2 Qb5 16. Qb4 Nc4 17. e3 a5 18. Qxb5 cxb5 19.
    Bf1 Ba3 20. Bxc4 dxc4 21. Nc3 b4 22. Nb5 Rfc8 23. Nxa3 bxa3 24. Bd6 b5 25. Bxa3
    b4 26. Bc1 c3 27. f3 a4 28. e4 Nxe4 29. fxe4 Bxe4 30. Rhe1 Bh7 31. Nf1 b3 32.
    Ne3 a3 33. d5 Rcb8 34. Ka1 b2+ 35. Ka2 b1=Q# 0-1


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