A Punk Rook and Fat Chess Pieces

A Punk Rook and Fat Chess Pieces

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A Punk Rook and Fat Chess Pieces

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(picture sent in my 'Fat Lady' an old RHP member)
green pawns

A few weeks back someone posted a game in the Chess Forum that had about 6 or 7
consecutive captures. I looked for other games with more on the trot captures.

dare1 - You Have One Week RHP 2008

This next one also has 14 consecutive captures. White starts it off and somehow
in those 14 moves White manages to lose a piece, I still have not figured out how?

Teddo - Zeeeland RHP 2014

green pawns

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I’ve mentioned before that I am entering for posterity the James Macrae Aitken games
into the Britbase DataBase. I am now halfway though and enjoying every minute of it.

Occasionally Aitken will drop a ‘?’ onto the end of a move. I use to stop there to see
if I could figure out a good move missed or if it was blunder. But that was increasing
the time I was taking by, in some cases 30 minutes, so I now, reluctantly, pass them by.

However....I never learn. Though in this case it looked too interesting to ignore.

J. Aitken - J. Cock, West England Ch. 1959. (White to play)

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Aitken played 1. Rh7 later adding a ‘?’ 1...Rxa7 2. Rxh2+ draw agreed.

So why the ‘?’ I could not see it right away and will admit if this popped up in a game
then I too would play 1.Rh7. I was only looking for something else because of the ‘?’
(I say 'would have' maybe not now. I have and hopefully you have too, learned something.)

The options are quite narrow, there only a few choices for White. And the Rook
checks I just dismissed following the ’Rule of Thumb’ never give useless checks
in a Rook ending. Usually you are only driving the King to where it wants to go.

Take another look at the Rook checks.

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1.Rf2+ The Black King cannot go the first rank 1...Kc1 2.Rg1+ and with h1 covered
White can take on a6. We are in only move territory, on the right track, look deeper.

Queen and Rook v Queen is usually a win for the extra Rook player. Sometimes the
lone Queen can force a perpetual or the Rook can be picked up with a Queen fork.

taadi31 - KINGBREAD RHP 2008

Let us stay with game and see how it could have been lost.

green pawns

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Positions in which an intended delightful combination was, either by accident
or design, avoided and the chess world was robbed of it’s brilliant appearance.

R. Keene - V. Kovacevic, Amsterdam 1973

Ray Keene is not everyone’s choice cup of tea and I’d say 99% of the bad feeling
towards him is his own doing. However we must never forget he was once a very
good and influential player. (and when he wants to, can write good chess books.)

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 189325
I have decided to leave the comments off as I have no way other than keep coming
back here to see if any have been made. Any corrections etc just use the above link.

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