1. Joined
    10 Aug '21
    10 Aug '21 23:30
    HELP! I was arbitrarily locked out of an ongoing game, and then asked go SET a new password (and it said that my current email was already in use). It took me into ANOTHER game site, with 2 games in progress; they weren't my games, and I had never heard of the players.

    HELP! I'm 72, so that makes me a computerese MORON. But, I want to get back to my regular site, with my 6 ongoing games. HELP!
  2. R
    Standard memberRemoved
    12 Nov '05
    11 Aug '21 08:45

    Send feedback - should be an option underneath
  3. SubscriberRuss
    RHP Code Monkey
    RHP HQ
    21 Feb '01
    11 Aug '21 11:201 edit
    This sounds like a RedHotPawn/DailyChess.com mix up, along with a new account with 2 automatically created games.

    Feedback will be dealt with shortly, so as @Silverstriker says, please send feedback with full details.

    edit : I have send a password reminder to your proper account. When you access it, please send feedback anyway, so we can clear up this additional account.

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