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The first rule of Chess Club is - you do not talk about Chess Club.
228 Oct '10 1126713218321(85)113
a clan for tzalash members and friends
223 Jun '11 3165471043(88)26
Tolkien Fans & Fantasy Role Players: Lets Hunt some ORC!
1515 Sep '22 67912965971991(89)641
God never closes one door without opening another
924 Sep '22 19241016921523(90)142
For worshippers of the red bottle !!
307 Sep '22 60774047953441(95)433
RECRUITING Only English Allowed. The clan of patriotic Englishmen Clan forum now up and running!!
921 May '17 72169215911(107)69
Free espresso for new members
127 Sep '11 72667616113(107)61
For players rated under 1200 and lightbulbs rated under 30W
111 Dec '14 62710931858(122)66
In memory of Syd
301 Feb '13 42485514910(123)35
Easy working here, give a shout!
1022 Sep '21 778332692843165(145)723
For fans of Sg-1, Atlantis, and Universe
130 Aug '11 556826460512136(147)443
From Cape Town to Cairo, from Lagos to Lusaka, for all who descend from Africa, friends of Africa and lovers of good chess!
314 Oct '13 12411312725029(159)107
324 Jul '17 18461319431824(167)169
Dreams and songs to sing.
1723 Sep '22 32682237751150(184)340
Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that obtaineth understanding. Length of days is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honour. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. Proverbs Chapter 3 13
823 May '14 579033496591115(185)461
302 Feb '13 18572119035222(196)158
Amidst a chaos of a formidable attack lies a whisper of calmness.
1126 Sep '16 22531733341655(198)272
That's right!! These Knights have gone Rogue....and proud of it!! *Recruiting*
511 Oct '14 20601028942031(290)204
320 Mar '22 1372277012791524146(307)1232
Anyone is welcome to join. No 1-man challenges please. Members please note that timeouts will not be tolerated, and any member who loses a game that way will be kicked out. All members must use the My Vacation Settings option to set up absences.
317 Feb '16 48942350468068(319)433
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