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NameMem'Last ChllngWLDWLDNetGross
In whatever we do, give all glory to God for his love to us.
328 Jul '06 184191002140(139)77
Black Stimulus Package
319 Aug '09 1201717210991264160(155)1075
A clan totally dedicated to Manchester United Football Club. If you want to challenge my clan, make sure it's fair.
411 Apr '07 13431215425515(156)118
For writers, readers, intellectuals, lovers of chess. Recruiting now...join us!!
505 Mar '20 48722853862560(166)483
Northern white crap that talks back
116 Oct '06 17441416123924(169)113
For people who like to play chess a lot or just play for fun. Currently in need of players with 1500+ rating!
305 Dec '06 32502135344243(170)304
New members welcome. Ability to talk like a pirate preferred, but not essential. Must supply own parrot.
426 Feb '06 1534618628725(181)149
age shall not weary them
404 Oct '08 14361120927328(206)140
Anyone is welcome to join. No 1-man challenges please. Members please note that timeouts will not be tolerated, and any member who loses a game that way will be kicked out. All members must use the My Vacation Settings option to set up absences.
317 Feb '16 1552107016051767231(220)1561
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be accepting anymore challenges.
227 Mar '06 7326642413(234)32
Strength, Cunning, Loyalty and Comradere
421 Jul '08 23611419036412(249)141
Where Thinkers Come to Play
1021 Mar '15 522115515848012(274)160
A nice Clan to nice People!!!
217 Apr '09 20932615639915(293)117
112 Jan '06 130612727112(330)28
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