Grandmaster Games Database
Walter Arencibia vs Zoltan Almasi½-½241998Elista ol (Men)E12Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Ulf Andersson vs Walter Arencibia½-½151998Elista ol (Men)E11Bogo-Indian defence, Nimzovich variatio...Browse
Etienne Bacrot vs Walter Arencibia½-½391998Capablanca mem 33th EliteD21Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Walter Arencibia vs Etienne Bacrot0-1721998Cap d\'Agde-BD70Neo-Gruenfeld defenceBrowse
Walter Arencibia vs Julio Becerra Rivero½-½81998Capablanca mem 33th EliteB22Sicilian Alapin's variation (2.c3)Browse
Julio Becerra Rivero vs Walter Arencibia½-½431998Garcia mem PremierB17Caro-Kann 3.Nd2Browse
Walter Arencibia vs Julio Becerra Rivero½-½111998San Salvador ztA45Trompovsky attack (Ruth, Opovcensky Ope...Browse
Walter Arencibia vs Alexander Beliavsky½-½601998Elista ol (Men)D58Queen's pawn gameBrowse
Boris Gelfand vs Walter Arencibia1-0691998Cap d\'Agde-BD28Bird's OpeningBrowse
Walter Arencibia vs Robert Huebner0-1531998Capablanca mem 33th EliteE12Queen's Indian Petrosian systemBrowse
Miguel Illescas Cordoba vs Walter Arencibia1-0261998ESP-chTA21English OpeningBrowse
Walter Arencibia vs Vassily Ivanchuk½-½431998Cap d\'Agde-BA57Benko gambit Zaitsev systemBrowse
Joel Lautier vs Walter Arencibia½-½271998ESP-chTD27Queen's gambit acceptedBrowse
Ljubomir Ljubojevic vs Walter Arencibia½-½241998Elista ol (Men)A21English, Kramnik-Shirov counterattackBrowse
Walter Arencibia vs Smbat Lputian½-½111998Elista ol (Men)D53Queen's pawnBrowse
Walter Arencibia vs Anthony J Miles1-0391998Capablanca mem 33th EliteD12QGD Slav Amsterdam variationBrowse
Walter Arencibia vs Alexei Shirov½-½321998ESP-chTD85Gruenfeld Exchange variationBrowse
Jon Speelman vs Walter Arencibia1-0301998ESP-chTE61English OpeningBrowse
    Jul 21 1967

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