Grandmaster Games Database
Lajos Portisch vs Robert Byrne½-½651976Biel InterzonalD37English OpeningBrowse
Mark Taimanov vs Vlastimil Hort½-½121976Hastings7576D40English OpeningBrowse
Wolfgang Uhlmann vs Vlastimil Hort½-½131976Manila InterzonalD42English OpeningBrowse
Helmut Pfleger vs Anatoly Karpov0-1551976MontillaA30English OpeningBrowse
Viktor Kortschnoj vs John Nunn½-½591976Hastings7576D34English OpeningBrowse
Viktor Kortschnoj vs Hans Bohm1-0601976IBMD55English OpeningBrowse
Anthony J Miles vs John A Peters1-0491976Lone PineE31English OpeningBrowse
Wolfgang Uhlmann vs John Nunn½-½411976Hastings7576D34English OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Jan Hein Donner1-0301976IBME05English OpeningBrowse
Fridrik Olafsson vs Ivan Farago½-½251976IBMD41English OpeningBrowse
Michael Stean vs Ludek Pachman½-½221976Haifa ol (Men)D42English OpeningBrowse
Florin Gheorghiu vs Ludek Pachman½-½181976Manila InterzonalD42English OpeningBrowse
Tigran V Petrosian vs Andre Lombard1-0301976Biel InterzonalD43English OpeningBrowse
Tigran V Petrosian vs Gennadi Sosonko1-0271976Biel InterzonalE48English OpeningBrowse
Lajos Portisch vs Andre Lombard0-1361976Biel InterzonalD60English OpeningBrowse
Lajos Portisch vs Roberto Debarnot1-0541976Las PalmasD37English OpeningBrowse
Florin Gheorghiu vs Lajos Portisch½-½281976Las PalmasD26English OpeningBrowse
Hans Ree vs Jan Timman½-½201976NLD-chD35English OpeningBrowse
Wolfgang Uhlmann vs Gennadi Sosonko½-½281976Hastings7576D38English OpeningBrowse
Rafael Vaganian vs Arshak Petrosian1-0221976YerevanD37English OpeningBrowse

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