Grandmaster Games Database
Boris Spassky vs Nona Gaprindashvili1-0561998Keres RapidA42Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Boris Spassky vs Jan Timman1-0511973IBME88Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Boris Spassky vs Jean Luc Seret1-0181991FRA-chB06Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Jon Speelman vs Shaun M Taulbut1-0281980BCF-chB06Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Jon Speelman vs Colin McNab½-½351984Brighton ztB08Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Alexey Suetin vs Hillar Karner½-½161977SochiB15Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Alexey Suetin vs G. Nueesch1-0331995Biel Credis opA43Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Emil Sutovsky vs Colin McNab1-0312006Gibtelecom MastersB06Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Mark Taimanov vs Viktor Kupreichik1-0381989Leningrad2B07Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Mikhail Tal vs Valery I Zilberstein1-0231972URS-ch40B12Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Mikhail Tal vs Duncan Suttles1-0421972SukhumiB07Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Jan Timman vs Lawrence A Day1-05520064th Staunton MemB06Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Georgi Tringov vs Pal Benko½-½121972Skopje ol (Men) fin-AB07Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Heikki Westerinen vs Pal Benko1-0431968Palma de MallorcaB08Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Heikki Westerinen vs Pal Benko½-½281975SzolnokB06Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Patrick Wolff vs Jaan Ehlvest½-½451991New York opB08Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Patrick Wolff vs Nona Gaprindashvili1-0371989GMA Baleares OpenB06Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Patrick Wolff vs Colin McNab1-0271989London WFWB09Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse
Patrick Wolff vs Colin McNab½-½511994Lloyds Bank opB08Robatsch (Modern) defenceBrowse

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