NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberScheel16614152391641228 Oct '21 13:32Challenge Player
Standard memberHastdo2019308213692628 Oct '21 13:09Challenge Player
Subscriberfixli1361107975307500348728 Oct '21 12:54Challenge Player
Subscriberbaumannpopper1327164664886213628 Oct '21 12:54Challenge Player
Standard memberDickKopf14408296871152728 Oct '21 12:49Challenge Player
Standard membereagleinbalt14567613873601428 Oct '21 12:34Challenge Player
Subscribermexdegex144215927867654128 Oct '21 12:30Challenge Player
Standard membere2e4ever15312731051501828 Oct '21 12:11Challenge Player
Standard membernevenz1027621248228 Oct '21 12:09Challenge Player
Standard memberMaximus Dethurens1417230143731428 Oct '21 11:49Challenge Player
Standard memberSwisskiwi1447755022328 Oct '21 11:15Challenge Player
Standard memberrolebiel16129856472944428 Oct '21 11:00Challenge Player
Standard memberrobur1170189182010343728 Oct '21 09:57Challenge Player
Standard membermauro12051015539728 Oct '21 09:56Challenge Player
Subscribermoonbus1903182118303428 Oct '21 08:22Challenge Player
Standard memberLittleblackpawn983763441128 Oct '21 06:59Challenge Player
Standard memberOsi151313137605124128 Oct '21 05:52Challenge Player
Subscriberproteus13486803252946128 Oct '21 05:21Challenge Player
Standard memberMazzo741207613522428 Oct '21 04:10Challenge Player
SubscriberMinor190144022684109562328 Oct '21 03:46Challenge Player
Subscriberswisstex11752832116716184728 Oct '21 03:26Challenge Player
Subscribermeister11312776139512839827 Oct '21 23:24Challenge Player
Standard memberChrischmi1431553519127 Oct '21 20:52Challenge Player
Standard memberReliam15512851611131127 Oct '21 19:12Challenge Player
Standard memberRINO1288804034627 Oct '21 18:02Challenge Player
Standard memberHeinimann15069555243894227 Oct '21 16:16Challenge Player
Standard memberElodie Nicogossian964863944327 Oct '21 10:54Challenge Player
Standard memberbulling5109921312483627 Oct '21 10:02Challenge Player
Standard memberPawnFighter157424722122427 Oct '21 02:08Challenge Player
Standard memberMiguel Bullingp1294936026 Oct '21 23:01Challenge Player
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