NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberDickKopfonline13349537891303428 Mar '23 17:20Challenge Player
Subscriberswisstexonline11263091124417955228 Mar '23 17:19Challenge Player
Standard memberrolebiel150311367143744828 Mar '23 17:12Challenge Player
SubscriberScheel15327484512772028 Mar '23 16:54Challenge Player
Subscribermexdegex142218379108725528 Mar '23 16:53Challenge Player
SubscriberMinor191044722728111363128 Mar '23 16:47Challenge Player
Subscriberfixli1390116725757537753828 Mar '23 16:30Challenge Player
Standard memberTouflard01138223147228 Mar '23 16:19Challenge Player
Standard memberbaumannpopper1423175170190914128 Mar '23 16:13Challenge Player
Standard memberLittleblackpawn9951437369128 Mar '23 16:11Challenge Player
Standard memberMarkus Baumann1496256981342428 Mar '23 16:08Challenge Player
Standard memberHeinimann153510475744264728 Mar '23 16:08Challenge Player
Standard memberbulling5106622613288628 Mar '23 15:44Challenge Player
SubscriberMathias25671378836220128 Mar '23 15:41Challenge Player
Standard memberOsi146714258285484928 Mar '23 14:50Challenge Player
Standard memberElodie Nicogossian10411577179728 Mar '23 14:28Challenge Player
Standard membereagleinbalt14538024083781628 Mar '23 14:21Challenge Player
Standard memberHastdo20295173311335328 Mar '23 14:19Challenge Player
Standard memberRINO13691195954628 Mar '23 14:12Challenge Player
Standard memberANTOINNEKKE13863461841481428 Mar '23 14:08Challenge Player
Standard memberHeinemann893413161245728 Mar '23 12:49Challenge Player
Subscribermoonbus1863231150423928 Mar '23 10:53Challenge Player
Standard memberReliam14273001651231228 Mar '23 07:12Challenge Player
Standard membermauro122410957421028 Mar '23 06:08Challenge Player
Standard membere2e4ever15865812293025028 Mar '23 03:48Challenge Player
Subscribermeister120528541445130910027 Mar '23 20:06Challenge Player
Standard membernevenz1031487158320927 Mar '23 20:02Challenge Player
Standard memberHeavensAngel141211816804643727 Mar '23 18:35Challenge Player
Standard memberMaximus Dethurens1369253158811427 Mar '23 14:39Challenge Player
Standard memberMazzo741216985439527 Mar '23 14:12Challenge Player
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