NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberFagarasi075online1120129186299633028929 Jun '22 10:06Challenge Player
Standard memberpavelborta1722159994554411029 Jun '22 09:51Challenge Player
Standard membervirgiltavi146129541439136914629 Jun '22 09:50Challenge Player
Standard memberion501274432202225529 Jun '22 09:35Challenge Player
Standard memberandras13803312041101729 Jun '22 09:31Challenge Player
Standard memberCosmin D1130333107222429 Jun '22 09:31Challenge Player
Standard membergooby129416187507907829 Jun '22 09:22Challenge Player
Standard memberFilthyHerman14201086046229 Jun '22 09:18Challenge Player
Standard memberducublutu1232431227203129 Jun '22 09:16Challenge Player
Standard memberclaub140712955686636429 Jun '22 08:55Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrianM149513527285863829 Jun '22 08:52Challenge Player
Standard memberbozgy1684205499495910129 Jun '22 08:47Challenge Player
Standard memberArdur14812046104280519929 Jun '22 08:42Challenge Player
Standard membervictorian12783327166415877629 Jun '22 08:40Challenge Player
Standard memberununou14729403655542129 Jun '22 08:40Challenge Player
Standard memberadyeig1510236149701729 Jun '22 08:35Challenge Player
Standard membervalemuth955253076717125129 Jun '22 08:32Challenge Player
SubscriberCrusader 20051466252144931529 Jun '22 08:30Challenge Player
Standard membermck113605102382492329 Jun '22 08:27Challenge Player
Standard memberFlorin Zamfir16794102061634129 Jun '22 08:27Challenge Player
Standard membervigor1200136525213129 Jun '22 08:07Challenge Player
Standard memberNicușor Ciprian 2125412886675982329 Jun '22 08:01Challenge Player
Standard membermargelatu167210725115273429 Jun '22 07:51Challenge Player
Standard membersergiup1663139067061011029 Jun '22 07:50Challenge Player
Standard memberadrian panait114621896116629 Jun '22 07:30Challenge Player
Standard membercryss2414326693622852229 Jun '22 07:25Challenge Player
Standard membergozul121512134758962013829 Jun '22 07:23Challenge Player
Standard memberdany196316349054224047929 Jun '22 07:14Challenge Player
Standard memberGabiG1486233814538038229 Jun '22 07:02Challenge Player
Standard membersilviu13129116966839813229 Jun '22 05:59Challenge Player
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