NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberclaubonline132612365396356219 Oct '21 05:53Challenge Player
Standard memberChip Oancea112417137329552619 Oct '21 05:48Challenge Player
Standard memberdany196317008594023837419 Oct '21 05:46Challenge Player
Standard memberducublutu1241411215195119 Oct '21 05:44Challenge Player
Standard memberCorut Andrei Mircea14495192901884119 Oct '21 05:38Challenge Player
Standard memberCosmin D112131399210419 Oct '21 05:33Challenge Player
Standard membervictorian11303041153614317419 Oct '21 05:28Challenge Player
Standard membergooby131914466767007019 Oct '21 05:26Challenge Player
SubscriberAanatol1360127585779615882119 Oct '21 05:24Challenge Player
Standard membermargelatu163610515005183319 Oct '21 05:16Challenge Player
Standard membersergiup1612136265260011019 Oct '21 05:13Challenge Player
Standard memberIrinel Vultureanu16325872992474119 Oct '21 05:10Challenge Player
Standard membertestos16658894793565419 Oct '21 05:04Challenge Player
Standard memberdndeleanu12782159110192713119 Oct '21 05:02Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrian H157717010160919 Oct '21 04:41Challenge Player
Standard memberClaudiu Alexandru15813121521332719 Oct '21 04:40Challenge Player
Standard memberNicB16494272911181819 Oct '21 04:36Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrianM136412546815393419 Oct '21 04:33Challenge Player
SubscriberSyberye140710713786623119 Oct '21 04:17Challenge Player
Standard memberdaniv151662322977289336219 Oct '21 04:16Challenge Player
Standard membergligavlad12904711712841619 Oct '21 04:04Challenge Player
Standard memberwingsofwrath1200199910319383019 Oct '21 04:00Challenge Player
Standard memberpterodon180811575271319 Oct '21 03:49Challenge Player
Standard memberedy72142912295665847919 Oct '21 03:15Challenge Player
Standard memberion501386387182200519 Oct '21 02:34Challenge Player
Standard membertomasaradp148414103119 Oct '21 00:21Challenge Player
Standard memberhuskisaurus174212148313394419 Oct '21 00:13Challenge Player
Standard memberGabiG1419223113927627718 Oct '21 22:40Challenge Player
Standard memberMădălin Mădăp1200202018 Oct '21 22:19Challenge Player
Standard memberArdur1511189395575118718 Oct '21 21:49Challenge Player
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