NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberCorut Andrei Mirceaonline13095963272264320 Jan '22 11:12Challenge Player
Standard memberflipdoruonline210023578827520 Jan '22 11:06Challenge Player
Standard memberFlorin Zamfir16843361761263420 Jan '22 11:04Challenge Player
Standard memberCatalin Grigore16604302461552920 Jan '22 11:03Challenge Player
Standard membervictorian12333132157814807420 Jan '22 10:56Challenge Player
Standard memberdany196316528754103917420 Jan '22 10:43Challenge Player
Standard memberNicușor Ciprian 2117110355404791620 Jan '22 10:36Challenge Player
Standard membergozul121590125455357113020 Jan '22 10:36Challenge Player
Subscriberdaniv150563123022292336720 Jan '22 10:32Challenge Player
Standard memberandras1449285177931520 Jan '22 10:08Challenge Player
Standard membermck113004121882042020 Jan '22 10:02Challenge Player
Standard membervirgiltavi141928061346132113920 Jan '22 09:52Challenge Player
SubscriberAanatol1471130275895629284020 Jan '22 09:48Challenge Player
Standard memberArdur1550195199276819120 Jan '22 09:41Challenge Player
Standard membergooby131715277137417320 Jan '22 09:39Challenge Player
Standard memberMotanel12945312942271020 Jan '22 09:30Challenge Player
SubscriberSyberye140010763806643220 Jan '22 08:45Challenge Player
Standard membercryss2413566333342772220 Jan '22 08:10Challenge Player
Standard membermargelatu160110585025233320 Jan '22 08:01Challenge Player
Standard memberion501285404188211520 Jan '22 07:59Challenge Player
SubscriberCrusader 20051481222127811420 Jan '22 07:39Challenge Player
Standard memberhuskisaurus181112378513424420 Jan '22 07:39Challenge Player
Standard membermihai138966683622505620 Jan '22 06:46Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrianM136512946975613620 Jan '22 06:35Challenge Player
Standard membergligavlad12734821742921620 Jan '22 06:19Challenge Player
Standard memberdndeleanu13142194112094213220 Jan '22 06:10Challenge Player
Standard membervalemuth958242873616425020 Jan '22 06:03Challenge Player
Standard membercorinia12844182071912020 Jan '22 05:57Challenge Player
Standard memberNicB16864573151241820 Jan '22 05:28Challenge Player
Standard memberChip Oancea119517857699902620 Jan '22 05:11Challenge Player
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