NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberFRA1234online1298216381012936004 Mar '24 18:34Challenge Player
Standard memberdndeleanuonline134827901421120316604 Mar '24 18:33Challenge Player
Standard membersifonline140132230004 Mar '24 18:32Challenge Player
Standard membermarius poteconline131414276787034604 Mar '24 18:30Challenge Player
Standard memberhuskisaurusonline176814299983795204 Mar '24 18:28Challenge Player
Subscriberdanivonline163369533369318440004 Mar '24 18:28Challenge Player
Standard memberpanaitadrian2001online11251457862504 Mar '24 18:27Challenge Player
Standard memberIrinel Vultureanu15228484063835904 Mar '24 18:23Challenge Player
Subscribermihai52227886886585134975404 Mar '24 18:19Challenge Player
SubscriberFagarasi0751093155947448778636004 Mar '24 18:18Challenge Player
Standard membermck114248674024313404 Mar '24 18:15Challenge Player
Standard memberPrometheup120020146004 Mar '24 18:07Challenge Player
Standard memberArdur161125581286101425804 Mar '24 18:02Challenge Player
Subscriberalexandrualeman147323171101109811804 Mar '24 18:00Challenge Player
Standard memberMCHammer137535278004 Mar '24 17:59Challenge Player
Standard membersergiup1577143769163411204 Mar '24 16:51Challenge Player
Standard memberboghi13964661712761904 Mar '24 16:36Challenge Player
Standard membervalemuth998285187119255504 Mar '24 16:32Challenge Player
Standard memberBastas1196272128138604 Mar '24 16:19Challenge Player
Standard membervictorian11053873189518879104 Mar '24 16:08Challenge Player
Standard memberedy72156515507137409704 Mar '24 16:03Challenge Player
Standard memberanovac1733187119551304 Mar '24 16:02Challenge Player
SubscriberCrusader 200514853532071242204 Mar '24 16:01Challenge Player
SubscriberAanatol1315146696607709596704 Mar '24 15:02Challenge Player
Subscriberlorinescu15058454223972604 Mar '24 14:59Challenge Player
Standard memberKatsumoto1829372251903104 Mar '24 14:55Challenge Player
Standard memberChip Oancea1201223192912723004 Mar '24 14:54Challenge Player
Standard memberrazvanog1295925436204 Mar '24 14:43Challenge Player
Standard memberwingsofwrath12082582139511434404 Mar '24 14:34Challenge Player
Standard membergozul121579166571178217204 Mar '24 14:25Challenge Player
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