NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberArduronline17462219113486821720 Mar '23 16:12Challenge Player
Standard membermck1online13566603023283020 Mar '23 16:10Challenge Player
Standard memberBastasonline1207221102113620 Mar '23 16:09Challenge Player
Standard membercoriniaonline12685522722522820 Mar '23 16:07Challenge Player
Standard memberhuskisaurusonline174613059033564620 Mar '23 16:06Challenge Player
Standard memberClaudiu Alexandruonline16774022001614120 Mar '23 16:04Challenge Player
Standard memberadyeig1590254164731720 Mar '23 15:57Challenge Player
Standard memberregina208243941622201220 Mar '23 15:57Challenge Player
Standard memberdndeleanu133525711316109815720 Mar '23 15:56Challenge Player
Standard memberandras15224412841362120 Mar '23 15:53Challenge Player
Standard memberAndyshor211141294676720 Mar '23 15:48Challenge Player
SubscriberSyberye139311464107023420 Mar '23 15:48Challenge Player
Standard membervictorian12553568176517218220 Mar '23 15:43Challenge Player
Standard membersilviu131343181873610443820 Mar '23 15:38Challenge Player
Standard membergozul121578150765870114820 Mar '23 15:38Challenge Player
Standard memberlacikeszeg1417238119110920 Mar '23 15:34Challenge Player
Standard memberDanCGurgui1399633526220 Mar '23 15:24Challenge Player
Standard memberbozgy16622118103498310120 Mar '23 15:21Challenge Player
Subscriberalexandrualeman151421391019101310720 Mar '23 15:20Challenge Player
SubscriberKatsumoto176212478351120 Mar '23 15:08Challenge Player
Standard memberpanaitadrian20011217774331320 Mar '23 14:53Challenge Player
Subscriberflaviusnita12289624145242420 Mar '23 14:47Challenge Player
Standard memberadidns15p1200110020 Mar '23 14:45Challenge Player
Standard membergooby126917318008498220 Mar '23 14:31Challenge Player
SubscriberCrusader 200514612971711062020 Mar '23 14:25Challenge Player
Standard memberFRA12341256198475211834920 Mar '23 14:24Challenge Player
Standard memberlorinescu15437393633571920 Mar '23 14:20Challenge Player
Standard membersergiup1602141568162311120 Mar '23 14:05Challenge Player
Standard memberMakcrys1552674219620 Mar '23 14:01Challenge Player
Standard memberpavelborta1721167098357111620 Mar '23 13:21Challenge Player
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