Puerto Rico

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberDBURTON85828882198818 Apr '24 23:21Challenge Player
SubscriberRay Gunz I105239131849189616818 Apr '24 23:14Challenge Player
Standard memberbronxny127814057286542318 Apr '24 21:31Challenge Player
Subscriberray rivera8097561290146065418 Apr '24 19:39Challenge Player
Standard memberPR chessmaster1122651945118 Apr '24 19:21Challenge Player
Standard memberBart Simpson84525518218 Apr '24 15:28Challenge Player
SubscriberMicGolf111473802399476122018 Apr '24 01:34Challenge Player
Standard memberPorcelana01812422803271516 Apr '24 04:45Challenge Player
Standard memberJeff B150713158564223712 Apr '24 16:06Challenge Player
Standard memberChezz1987267227291103 Mar '24 17:25Challenge Player
Standard memberkalaxii skiiesp1200202017 Jan '24 08:42Challenge Player
Standard memberKroniconp1200000006 Jan '24 17:55Challenge Player
Standard memberLagostop103422220005 Dec '23 03:51Challenge Player
Donationrickyp13063000156613538112 Jul '23 17:39Challenge Player
Standard memberkenmel21p125720911024 Feb '23 13:10Challenge Player
Standard memberMplushp1200303018 Feb '23 17:30Challenge Player
Standard memberStein Ultrap1200000031 Jan '23 11:08Challenge Player
Standard memberHecluv139116614616425 Aug '22 14:40Challenge Player
Standard memberBuckCeelop1200101010 Jul '22 23:25Challenge Player
Standard memberYVelez74p1200303020 Jun '22 01:48Challenge Player
Standard memberrpluke206420018210810 Feb '22 18:04Challenge Player
Standard memberBlazingChesserp1200000009 Feb '22 01:40Challenge Player
Standard memberMcLarenSennavp1200000011 Dec '21 04:30Challenge Player
Subscriberhug155415488106954303 Dec '21 10:39Challenge Player
Standard memberFlowersgamingYTp11771156029 Oct '21 12:54Challenge Player
Standard memberjvmalp1200202027 Oct '21 21:32Challenge Player
Standard memberEdwin694p1200202026 Oct '21 12:33Challenge Player
Standard memberironicryonicp1200000004 Oct '21 03:25Challenge Player
Standard memberSanBestp138118107119 Aug '21 04:25Challenge Player
Standard memberYvie Oca994881764712 Jun '21 14:49Challenge Player
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