New Zealand

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberchodgins100118643136720 Mar '23 16:08Challenge Player
SubscriberNever Fear13333184134917825320 Mar '23 16:03Challenge Player
SubscriberSlarti Bartfast15428134543223720 Mar '23 15:49Challenge Player
Standard memberChris Peters12842272110611432320 Mar '23 14:19Challenge Player
Standard memberBruce McNee13997744862602820 Mar '23 14:12Challenge Player
Standard memberhofwhitby14428543634365520 Mar '23 13:46Challenge Player
SubscriberWajoma14702466135010278920 Mar '23 12:23Challenge Player
SubscriberNoFriendsPete1422301081406713782225920 Mar '23 12:06Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackcrane9974174119696742620 Mar '23 11:38Challenge Player
Standard memberChrisL5712521429940320 Mar '23 10:55Challenge Player
Standard memberClyde Mason113316143117120 Mar '23 10:39Challenge Player
Standard memberRaymond Morgan10435812293381420 Mar '23 10:01Challenge Player
Standard memberSaturday142917019666756020 Mar '23 09:57Challenge Player
Standard memberKiwiGrant137221513973320 Mar '23 09:46Challenge Player
Subscriberecurb18261777133725218820 Mar '23 09:40Challenge Player
Subscriberandrewb114814691972522020 Mar '23 09:37Challenge Player
Standard memberInge Wisselink101025291158320 Mar '23 09:33Challenge Player
Standard memberMoochie1186255143108420 Mar '23 09:24Challenge Player
Standard memberMalnash10171215566020 Mar '23 09:22Challenge Player
Subscribernbingham216291861819710320 Mar '23 09:16Challenge Player
Standard membermike andrews 21021165451511013820 Mar '23 09:05Challenge Player
Standard memberBoris1312442967145314417320 Mar '23 09:04Challenge Player
Donationmwcampbell110742121816223116520 Mar '23 08:58Challenge Player
Standard memberScyllaGorillap1200413020 Mar '23 08:40Challenge Player
Standard memberBenlav110321189119320 Mar '23 08:39Challenge Player
Standard memberaga3145490974578405146820 Mar '23 08:25Challenge Player
Subscribereat more cake14543211721371220 Mar '23 08:21Challenge Player
Standard memberKwiki71291684521220 Mar '23 08:14Challenge Player
Standard memberAnthony Robert1340267113145920 Mar '23 08:12Challenge Player
Standard membergavinharriss12647394392693120 Mar '23 08:12Challenge Player
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