New Zealand

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberGrandMasterDononline18956063262374308 Aug '22 23:03Challenge Player
Standard membermike andrews 2online109913724269202608 Aug '22 22:58Challenge Player
Standard memberBoris1312372828137713866508 Aug '22 22:51Challenge Player
Standard memberchodgins10531203088208 Aug '22 22:42Challenge Player
Subscribernbingham16136393721818608 Aug '22 22:39Challenge Player
Standard membermonarbid10343045130316647808 Aug '22 22:33Challenge Player
Standard memberaga3134089204475398546008 Aug '22 22:33Challenge Player
SubscriberNoFriendsPete1451284671341812860218908 Aug '22 22:28Challenge Player
Standard memberMarley Renata13813321821361408 Aug '22 22:21Challenge Player
Standard memberShane Don 2113432292222808 Aug '22 22:16Challenge Player
Standard memberSaturday134416369326475708 Aug '22 22:09Challenge Player
Standard memberliquidsnake16521217442508 Aug '22 22:08Challenge Player
Subscriberecurb18151666124223918508 Aug '22 22:02Challenge Player
Standard memberHip hop King13941075250508 Aug '22 21:56Challenge Player
Standard memberIanfromnz14549054923813208 Aug '22 21:31Challenge Player
Standard memberFMC13471489646608 Aug '22 21:25Challenge Player
Standard memberAbitofkiwifluff72536333008 Aug '22 21:23Challenge Player
Standard memberMike Regan1639418350482008 Aug '22 21:10Challenge Player
Standard memberInge Wisselink101917555117308 Aug '22 21:08Challenge Player
SubscriberChris S11854953258422818808 Aug '22 20:43Challenge Player
Standard memberBlackcrane9974157112563501208 Aug '22 20:39Challenge Player
Standard memberbungee129310285944142008 Aug '22 20:25Challenge Player
Standard membergeofn13318634563733408 Aug '22 20:03Challenge Player
Standard memberbscott10011021226254608 Aug '22 20:01Challenge Player
Standard memberAnthony Robert123321988124708 Aug '22 19:56Challenge Player
Standard memberChrisL5712631137931308 Aug '22 19:55Challenge Player
Standard memberlegendnz12743709171319445208 Aug '22 19:50Challenge Player
Standard memberKwiki71324583431208 Aug '22 19:50Challenge Player
Standard memberMac319447963813348108 Aug '22 19:47Challenge Player
Standard memberTuatara141915613323008 Aug '22 19:43Challenge Player
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