New Zealand

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberGrandMasterDononline19325672972323817 Sep '21 01:24Challenge Player
Standard memberchodginsonline99725123117 Sep '21 01:24Challenge Player
Standard memberChrisL57online1297503316117 Sep '21 01:23Challenge Player
Subscriberalastair nicollonline144232041722118230017 Sep '21 01:23Challenge Player
Standard membersofalofaonline986342190148417 Sep '21 01:22Challenge Player
Subscribermike andrews 2online94327199166617 Sep '21 01:21Challenge Player
SubscriberNoFriendsPeteonline1482263651245411834207717 Sep '21 01:18Challenge Player
Subscribernbinghamonline1545281187603417 Sep '21 01:18Challenge Player
Standard memberBoris13online10892626126013056117 Sep '21 01:17Challenge Player
Standard memberecurbonline17501503114020216117 Sep '21 01:17Challenge Player
Standard memberDerManoMannonline15255182282553517 Sep '21 01:16Challenge Player
Standard membergavinharrissonline13256543842472317 Sep '21 01:15Challenge Player
Standard memberLindsayT1153361026017 Sep '21 00:59Challenge Player
Standard membermonarbid9772944126316057617 Sep '21 00:56Challenge Player
Standard memberlegendnz14233533164418454417 Sep '21 00:55Challenge Player
Standard memberbungee12439415453791717 Sep '21 00:55Challenge Player
Standard memberValeriap1200412117 Sep '21 00:43Challenge Player
Standard memberBillyB1658287172882717 Sep '21 00:30Challenge Player
Standard memberdylanj119123388140517 Sep '21 00:18Challenge Player
Standard memberAlta108213834539012916 Sep '21 23:58Challenge Player
Standard memberMike Regan1642387326471416 Sep '21 23:56Challenge Player
Standard memberSaturday135914708555645116 Sep '21 23:48Challenge Player
Standard memberCUTELARRYBABYp1200000016 Sep '21 23:38Challenge Player
Standard membertechnophobe1269361618216 Sep '21 23:35Challenge Player
Standard memberHutchy31058513011176749116 Sep '21 23:17Challenge Player
Standard memberdelocke1085253599415103116 Sep '21 23:16Challenge Player
Standard memberaga3146486604354386644016 Sep '21 23:10Challenge Player
Standard memberBruce McNee14234272471621816 Sep '21 23:08Challenge Player
Standard memberInge Wisselink979521735016 Sep '21 23:06Challenge Player
SubscriberNeverFear12702703110615524516 Sep '21 23:03Challenge Player
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