New Zealand

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberShane Don 2online10924121162861005 Mar '24 08:08Challenge Player
Standard memberbungeeonline125312567474832605 Mar '24 08:07Challenge Player
Standard memberInge Wisselinkonline1050347136208305 Mar '24 08:06Challenge Player
Standard memberClyde Mason114120858149105 Mar '24 07:59Challenge Player
Standard membertom011235813781396966405 Mar '24 07:55Challenge Player
Standard memberMarley Renata13565833122482305 Mar '24 07:50Challenge Player
SubscriberNoFriendsPete1425327021520615134236205 Mar '24 07:40Challenge Player
Standard memberChrisL57124420514260305 Mar '24 07:40Challenge Player
Standard memberSmall Axe1387331192134505 Mar '24 07:40Challenge Player
Standard memberaughna13522701271261705 Mar '24 07:35Challenge Player
Standard memberPoppa44132719012167205 Mar '24 07:34Challenge Player
Standard memberlazisolep1713770005 Mar '24 07:12Challenge Player
Standard memberBruce McNee147710897503073205 Mar '24 07:09Challenge Player
Standard membergavinharriss12158114802963505 Mar '24 07:08Challenge Player
Standard memberendlesssea131316807968444005 Mar '24 06:42Challenge Player
Subscriberandrewb115374992082702105 Mar '24 06:23Challenge Player
Standard memberBoris1311363163156415217805 Mar '24 06:13Challenge Player
SubscriberWajoma14122548139010659305 Mar '24 05:57Challenge Player
Standard memberaga3159494554764421547605 Mar '24 05:56Challenge Player
Standard memberAlta949176349012413205 Mar '24 05:52Challenge Player
Standard membermike andrews 2957209264014025005 Mar '24 05:50Challenge Player
Standard memberGrandMasterDon19646543652424705 Mar '24 05:33Challenge Player
Standard memberJaynish Shah938368238125505 Mar '24 05:27Challenge Player
Standard memberMike Regan1682447378492005 Mar '24 05:23Challenge Player
Standard memberSaturday1397180310267116605 Mar '24 05:17Challenge Player
Standard memberMaoriQueen1176773139705 Mar '24 04:55Challenge Player
Standard memberChris Peters11462389116512002405 Mar '24 04:37Challenge Player
Standard memberBrandubh10832951021821105 Mar '24 04:31Challenge Player
Subscriberecurb18601881142126419605 Mar '24 04:30Challenge Player
Standard memberStv Lowthr1176294174113705 Mar '24 04:29Challenge Player
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