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About ecurb

Hi, I am from New Zealand and live in a seaside town about 45minutes by car from Wellington City(capital of NZ). I play a lot of golf, I rate golf courses throughout the Wellington region for handicapping (USGA model) purposes, I enjoy reading, creating works of art and going for walks along the beach and the surrounding district. My wife and I have travelled quite a lot (70 countries in the last 18 years) until Covid-19 put a stop to that; however, we hope to resume travelling in 2023. Finding time for chess is a challenge, recently I often do little more than a quick look and then move. Hopefully I will have more time to play at some point in the future - maybe when I move into my eighties!

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Games Played1777
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Average Rating179418191839
Lowest Rating175317491726
Opponent Average Rating139614821520
Games Rated45196622
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