NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberLizard King1563100574849435385508 Aug '22 21:12Challenge Player
Standard memberDoubletrouble11412986234208 Aug '22 21:06Challenge Player
Standard memberNIKKOLA JOUNI138810685154955808 Aug '22 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberPexx174410538861234408 Aug '22 20:48Challenge Player
Standard memberDw0lf10499653985452208 Aug '22 20:36Challenge Player
Standard membertalzamir17671877114060513208 Aug '22 20:29Challenge Player
Standard memberJermu14641235362808 Aug '22 20:27Challenge Player
SubscriberMindgate2146013839234184208 Aug '22 19:49Challenge Player
Standard memberjouleh128511996065157808 Aug '22 19:17Challenge Player
Standard membersoroso13956382943083608 Aug '22 19:17Challenge Player
Subscriberrcihof171911936594864808 Aug '22 18:52Challenge Player
Standard memberSuntower12341326269108 Aug '22 18:38Challenge Player
Standard memberJukka Joutsi16904472601068108 Aug '22 18:20Challenge Player
Standard memberjorsy140112415516355508 Aug '22 17:52Challenge Player
Standard memberLizard Wizard1171643625308 Aug '22 17:45Challenge Player
Standard memberSumppi315481399535908 Aug '22 17:36Challenge Player
Standard memberJaska Tolonen156611765391308 Aug '22 17:30Challenge Player
Standard memberJohan Porisee16009547331508 Aug '22 17:29Challenge Player
Standard memberVinka Virtanen162015387511508 Aug '22 17:28Challenge Player
Standard memberJohnny Aaltop156115104108 Aug '22 17:26Challenge Player
Standard memberRasmusTamminen154810862341208 Aug '22 17:25Challenge Player
Standard memberPanu Parikka1679223142503108 Aug '22 17:24Challenge Player
Standard memberV Airaksinen1660351242783108 Aug '22 17:23Challenge Player
Standard memberpk01ranen1474233107883808 Aug '22 17:12Challenge Player
Subscriberexpectnomercy187412538682889708 Aug '22 17:06Challenge Player
Standard membereltoro1312189480610286008 Aug '22 16:29Challenge Player
Standard memberronishakki1609119655851312508 Aug '22 16:23Challenge Player
Standard membermattilevanto101516040115508 Aug '22 14:50Challenge Player
Standard memberhak119414606757265908 Aug '22 14:24Challenge Player
Standard membertone516447033802636008 Aug '22 11:44Challenge Player
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