NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberjoulehonline139713546955748502 Apr '23 11:10Challenge Player
Standard memberDw0lfonline95410554286052202 Apr '23 11:06Challenge Player
SubscriberMindgate2151514639854334502 Apr '23 11:01Challenge Player
Standard membertone515847263892746302 Apr '23 10:54Challenge Player
Standard membersoroso14657883763674502 Apr '23 10:53Challenge Player
Standard memberHKane182219089475402 Apr '23 10:50Challenge Player
SubscriberHantta1666149783847218702 Apr '23 10:35Challenge Player
Standard membermattilevanto98920051142702 Apr '23 10:34Challenge Player
Standard memberSuntower12151476778202 Apr '23 10:23Challenge Player
Standard memberRaaka144513876107027502 Apr '23 10:16Challenge Player
Standard memberhak105015877287946502 Apr '23 10:06Challenge Player
Standard memberpk01ranen15173571621395602 Apr '23 10:01Challenge Player
Standard memberNIKKOLA JOUNI136611025365066002 Apr '23 09:44Challenge Player
Standard memberRuma141611956295016502 Apr '23 09:26Challenge Player
Standard memberJermu139717069881302 Apr '23 09:23Challenge Player
Subscriberrcihof170612737085155002 Apr '23 08:53Challenge Player
SubscriberIle1956968411102 Apr '23 08:26Challenge Player
Subscriberexpectnomercy1917131490830610002 Apr '23 07:48Challenge Player
Standard membereltoro1335196383410686102 Apr '23 07:47Challenge Player
Standard memberPoro Sarvi15968023883625202 Apr '23 07:45Challenge Player
SubscriberJarkkoK1567784526702 Apr '23 07:44Challenge Player
Standard memberOpryman154215479552002 Apr '23 06:27Challenge Player
Standard memberV Airaksinen1822374259793602 Apr '23 05:57Challenge Player
Standard memberJukka Joutsi16405223051308702 Apr '23 05:48Challenge Player
Standard memberJesse Riuttap1200110002 Apr '23 05:38Challenge Player
Standard memberMikke Rooth132227216002 Apr '23 05:33Challenge Player
Standard memberjorsy139013045876605702 Apr '23 05:09Challenge Player
Standard membertalzamir16991970122361313402 Apr '23 04:59Challenge Player
Standard memberronishakki1638121956652612702 Apr '23 04:49Challenge Player
Standard memberVeijo13194902662042002 Apr '23 03:56Challenge Player
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