Star Luck Key

Rating 1492

Accepting all challenges
Daily ChessLast move 19 hours and 6 minutes ago

About Star Luck Key

St. Even
K. ing O. ver T. he T. otal
K. ingdoms E. maculently

I prefer to have (3) or (5) days or more plus (7+) days time bank to move.

Getting better & easier all the time!

I don't claim (time run outs).

I have a few other accounts here with the name Iceander & Iceander23.

I'm in the funny business.

I'm truly "colored". Not to be confused with a "color" man. Black or white are 1 color each. There for I'm neither black or white.

Feng Shui & Tai Chi All the way!

My credit report pre-2001 is who I still am!
MN valid CDL

All L.E.A. is 100% corrupt free!

Everyone is DEMANDING to be "RESTRICTED" to what they are entitled to!

Everyone is demanding to be held 100% accountable for what they are responsible for.



Humans dominate all other species
Intelligence dominates ignorance
Holy energy dominates evil
Truth dominates lies
Honesty dominates dishonesty
Life dominates death
Good dominates bad
Light dominates darkness
Power dominates powerless
Cleanliness dominates filth
Healthy dominates unhealthy
Happiness dominates anger
Beauty dominates uglyness
Innocence dominates corruption
Aroma dominates stench
Kindness dominates rude
Friends dominates foes.

There is 0 tolerance for any corruption any where. Because corruption= 0 rank, 0 power+ incarceration + quarantine by default.

Justice will be restored!

All currency is backed by at least 3 1/2 X's in gold/silver or else it's not legitimate currency!

Strictly only humans play chess here at RHP.

I'm filled with gratitude, life, healing energy.

Peace & kindness be with you my friends & have fun!

Everyone only remembers the good!

If everyone only focus on the "GOOD" , soon everyone will only be able to see the "GOOD". Then you will announce, "Everything happens for the good. Heaven at last! NO MORE RODENTS!

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11 games

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9 games

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Games Played20
In Progress3
All Moves762
Moves This Month7
Tourn. Entry Rating1492

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20 games


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Highest Rating149214921492
Average Rating149214921492
Lowest Rating149214921492
Opponent Average Rating152815281528
Games Rated112020
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