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About RobinH

As a chess player I sometimes make spontaneous moves and "enjoy" the consequences.
In real life I have a more serious approach, so I reject evolution as meaning common descent and macro evolution, which has no basis. Creation by an intelligent Being fits the facts. Yet, I do not support creationism, which is a different concept all together. And as a Christian, I am neutral as to politics and this world's conflicts. Visit for more information.
To avoid unpleasant surprises: I do take skulls and expect you do the same unless we've notified each other of situations. I prefer 1/3 games....

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Games Played5047
In Progress7
All Moves166333
Moves This Month345
Tourn. Entry Rating1460

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5037 games


2618 games


2285 games


134 games

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141 games


32 games


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Highest Rating150515101615
Average Rating140714081428
Lowest Rating132412801226
Opponent Average Rating143314301405
Games Rated1164662135
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