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About procoalex

My name is Alex. I have been playing chess since i was 7 which means i'm a very good player. First, my grandfather taught me and then i began to learn from a book of world champion Anatoli Karpov and was impressed by his games. Later i was inspired by a book of world champion Alexander Alekhin's games and was similarly impressed with the play of Gary Kasparov, Emanuel Lasker and Bobby Fischer. In august 2010 i received the FIDE Master title. I currently train with GM Anna Muzychuk since 2011 when we became close friends.

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1113 games

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870 games

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243 games

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Games Played1116
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All Moves33741
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating1878

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1113 games


575 games


382 games


156 games

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52 games


101 games


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Highest Rating192719952215
Average Rating189719382057
Lowest Rating187818781866
Opponent Average Rating195119261967
Games Rated513274
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